Trends in The Promotional Products Industry 2021

After the first quarter of a rather lackluster year smeared by pandemic woes, most marketers are being optimistic of a near normal business year ahead of them. It will be interesting to delve into some of the likely trends in custom products that are expected to unveil in the coming days. The current trends will help you get the most out of your promotional merchandise.


Multi functional products

More the utility of the item that you choose more will be the importance and retention of these products among the audience. Consider everyday products that fit consumers’ lifestyles and meet their diverse needs. For instance, custom hybrid bags that cater to both one day trips and weekend trips will make a great gift choice for your clients.

Solo® Duane Laptop Hybrid Briefcases

High Quality Promotional Products

High utility, multi-functional items that customers can integrate into their daily lives will ensure maximum brand exposure! As consumers may look for high quality products these days, it is recommended to not to compromise on the the quality of custom gifts to make it  stand out from the rest.

Superior quality promo gifts are direct reflection of your brand identity. So, when you choose a premium quality giveaways,  your recipients will have more respect for your business. Though marketers may be required to spend extra on these products, they can still profit from a better return on investment.

For instance, branded executive pens engraved with your message will make a perfect addition to your marketing plan. When a business places their message on a high quality product, the customers sees that the business has high standards and make a positive connection with it. If you are looking for a proven way to enhance your brand awareness and loyalty, invest in high quality products that will stand the test of time!

Valerio Bettoni Rollerball Pens

Eco-Friendly Merchandise

The world is growing towards sustainability in all walks of life. Studies show that people who receive eco-friendly products tend to favor that brand 40% more  than businesses that use ordinary handouts! By choosing eco-friendly promotional products, you are aligning your business with the interests and concerns of your customers and it is a powerful way of getting them to think of your brand in a positive way.

From wheat tumblers, wooden pens, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo sunglasses to hard-wearing  re-usable jute bags and so much more, you can choose from a wide range of products to ensure a green stamp for your promotions.

14 Oz Dagon Wheat Straw Mugs with Stainless Liner

Gifts that Make Happy memories

If you wish to stand out in the crowd, choose innovative products that the consumers are less likely to see before. Bring in innovation to the product or the package to make a statement. For instance, a super bowl themed gift box that brings out the roar of the crowds had created headlines in the media. It  created the magical feeling of being at the Super Bowl and what it feels like for the recipients! Make use of the technological advancements to create an experience rather  than just handing out a gift!

Tech gifts

In a digital world that is obsessed with screens, tech accessories make a perfect gift choice. From power banks to wireless charging pads and even UV self-cleaning bottles, there are promotional products that touch every aspect of our daily lives.  These high use items, will make consistent brand impressions no matter whether your clients and employees are at work, play or anything in between!

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad With Phone Stand

Which of these  trending gifts are you planning to incorporate into your branding theme?