Trending Custom Giveaways That Will Impress Every Audience Group

The most challenging promotional task for any marketer is undeniably finding custom giveaways that will impress everyone on the gift list. With a diverse audience niche to cater to, finding gifts that will leave everyone impressed is easier said than done. However, here is a quick list of some of the most popular handouts  that everyone will surely appreciate.


Tech accessories

You can easily charge up your promotions with tech accessories. Relevance of tech products has gone up more than ever in the new normal virtual world, where people have been spending most of their time online to learn, shop, to play or work.

Powerbanks: custom power banks enjoy an average retention of 12 months. Choose from various models and capacities to cater to the needs of your audience and get your message stay in their plain view.  Custom power banks often get shared among people during road trips, business events and leisure activities like camping, which in turn will get a fresh audience for your message. Since two thirds of people in the U.S. are smart phone users, tech accessories like power banks will make excellent giveaways.

Pep 4000 mAh Power Banks

USB Drives: Reports show that 47% would give away USB to others rather than  discard it due to its high utility.  58% consumers say that they retain their promotional USB drive because these are useful.

Wireless products like charging pads and wireless speakers or earbuds are some of the other popular handouts that can be considered. Just match these products with your budget to find the best choice.

Custom Printed Cube Bluetooth Speakers


Back packs are a common sight when you’re out and about. Whether on a busy city street, airport lounge, train station or more, you will see a multitude of custom back packs in all possible models, sizes and colors. Designed to ensure  hands-free convenience and effortless toting, backpacks are here to stay forever! Be it for work, shopping, camping or more, these versatile bags will make a perfect grab on the go bag that will suit all age groups and tastes.

Back packs have plenty of storage space not just for office supplies or class room essentials but other items like a change of clothes,  thereby saving your prospects from carrying two bags around. Lightweight, trendy and easy to carry, these bags make an ideal gift to give your clients and employees.

Custom Printed Hive Computer Backpacks

Drinkware items

Whether it is insulated tumblers, water bottles, sports bottles, stadium cups or something extra, you will literally be spoilt for choices while considering custom drinkware items as promotional swag. Choose from a wide range of models, customize these with your logo and message and see how your brand becomes the  hottest topic in town- literally! Thanks to the incredible exposure your message will get in crowded sports events, trade shows,  offices, schools or during commute.

20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

Looking for more? browse our collection of popular custom gifts to choose the best and stay on top of the trend.