Trending Custom Fitness Giveaways for your Clients and Employees

Encourage your clients and workforce that may be confined to their homes or remote work spaces with custom printed fitness products. Now that the outdoor spring season is right here, it is a great time for everyone to hit the trails, soak up the sun  or set out on road trips.


Fitness is usually on peoples’ minds after the holidays and into the New Year. However this year it is going to be different because of the social distancing norms  and travel restrictions. However, you can still show your employees that you care by sending them wellness items and accessories that will keep them motivated and fit.

Customized Eclipse Copper Infused Cooling Towels

Yoga mats

Yoga is not just great for the body but for your mind as well. Simple and easy to do any time anywhere – whether at dawn, during lunch break or after work, yoga provides relaxation and peace and will help anyone clear their minds of the day’s stresses. Yoga mats are available in a wide range of models and colors. Just get your logo and message imprinted and get ready to be spotted and talked about!

Some of the complimentary gifts that will go well with yoga mats include cooling towels and duffel bags. Apart from making useful handouts for the prospects, these logo items will ensure ample outdoor visibility for your brand name and logo.

Full Length Yoga Mats and Case

Heed to the call of the wild

Camping fun, angling holidays, cruise fun and more- There is a lot on the platter of the outdoorsy clients. Cater to this niche with some highly useful custom gifts like custom backpacks, running belts, insulated water bottles and more- all imprinted with your logo and message. The best part is that these custom giveaways often make great conversation starters in the groups and will engage your audience with your brand in a subtle and fun way. We bet, by the time they end their holidays, your message would have left a lasting impression in their minds!

Lycra Running Belt Fanny Packs

Home is where the action is

Home is where things are most exciting and lively- especially in the new normal world. So, home workout equipment like stretch bands will be something everyone needs for some simple yet effective exercises. These logo items will ensure a healthy audience and a healthy brand promotion – all at once. Other simple workout items that can keep your home fitness routine on track include jump ropes, pedometers etc.

Logo Imprinted Jump Ropes

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