Tradeshow Handouts- Promotional Umbrellas Vs Pens

We at ProImprint get a lot of interesting queries about promotional gifts and the best ways to employ these. Now that the tradeshow season is fully on, the majority of enquiries we get are on the best possible tradeshow gift ideas and tips.44 Inch Custom Imprinted Auto Open Umbrellas

Richard, one of our regular customers is planning to set up a booth to promote his restaurant in one of the upcoming tradeshows. He was excited about the massive crowd and the brand exposure that tradeshows ensure. However, he was not sure about the right gift idea that will impress and inspire the crowd. He had custom umbrellas and pens in his mind as gift ideas as both these gifts are popular and budget friendly. But he was not sure and that’s when we pitched in.

We thought custom umbrellas will make a better choice as tradeshow gifts because

  • Umbrellas are large, colorful and attention grabbing
  • Being summer, logo umbrellas will be put to use by the recipients immediately
  • The logo and message of his restaurant imprinted on these umbrellas will never fail to grab the attention of the onlookers
  • Promotional umbrellas are available in a range of models and colors, which means that if he desires, an assortment of different umbrella models can be included in his tradeshow gifts.
  • Long lasting and functional all round the year, umbrellas ensure the ultimate exposure and portability for his brand for a long time even after the tradeshow.
  • A trendy umbrella will make an interesting banter topic and will set off word of mouth publicity

The immediate query he had was why not pens?

Writing supplies could be one of the most popular promotional items among marketers. But for a massive event like an outdoor tradeshow, he needs something more conspicuous than these small logo gifts.Customized Round Golf Pencil with Erasers

  • Promotional pens make a better choice for business events, job fairs, employee appreciation week and other events.
  • Pens are often carried in wallets or pockets and hence the restaurant brand imprinted on these may not have as much exposure and portability as offered by logo umbrellas.
  • Pens are small in size and hence may not grab the attention of everyone around as easily as umbrellas
  • Your brand imprinted on pens is likely to be confined mostly to indoors or to their work desks while the brand message on custom umbrellas travel with the recipients wherever they go!

Though all promotional gifts are highly effective in getting the message out, choosing an appropriate logo gift for each event is what makes or breaks any promotional event. Needless to say, Richard left only after placing a bulk order for promotional umbrellas for his restaurant promotion. Good luck to you from team ProImprint!

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