Top Tips On Customization And Distribution Of Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have always been part of our everyday lives and the current Coronavirus scare has increased its importance significantly.  The incredible popularity enjoyed by these logo items makes these great trade show swag, employee gifts or even wedding favors. No matter how you wish to use these wellness items, make sure to customize it to make it look the very best.


Do you plan to use custom hand sanitizers for your event?   These tips will be of use to you

  • Considering the prevailing pandemic situation, it is recommended to order sanitizers ahead of time.
  • Get your logo and artwork imprinted in full color to earn easy attention.
  • Keep the text simple and easy to read
  • Sanitizers make great handouts for all types of events and industries because these are versatile items that get used by everyone across all age groups.

How to choose the right custom hand sanitizers

Alcohol content: Ethyl alcohol is the active ingredient of all hand sanitizers.  Only sanitizers with atleast 62 % of alcohol can eliminate germs. The more the alcohol content the more will be its germ killing powers.

Limitless options

From gel to spray and wipes, there are a lot of handy options to consider. If you are planning  hand sanitizers for the common areas in office, pump models will be a good choice as it is safe to be used among multiple users; above all these will dispense the right quantity of sanitizer and avoids wastage.

Carabiner sanitizers will make a great choice for working executives , students and people on the go. So, if you have an audience with an active life style, this model will make a great choice.

Clip-It Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizers

Gyms and fitness centers will find Sanitizer wipes  a budget friendly way to get their message out. Easy to carry and use, these will make great talking topics as well.

Travel Pack Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

Plain or scented option

 If you are catering to a young and outgoing audience scented models will make a great choice as they will love the refreshing aroma that lingers on. Plain sanitizers are great for those who are allergic to flavors or those who work in food and restaurant industry.

As wedding favors
Though sanitizers might not be a conventional wedding gift idea, scented models will make a great addition to your wedding gift bag. It will keep your guests safe and germ proof even after the endless rounds of hand -shakes with random people during cocktail hour!

Scented Antibacterial Gel

Customization options

Make use of the various imprint options to get maximum brand visibility. From full color labels to imprint options on the pouch or canisters,  you can consider the best options to highlight your message

There’s a sanitizer that works best for any event or situation. No matter how you wish to go about it, you will love the fun part of customizing it for sure. Explore the possibilities to stand out!