Top  Reasons Why Custom Lanterns Make Great Fall Promotional Items

Picture the scene- It is dark, chilly and you are out on a business trip or on a camping trip.  So, there is a good chance you will be without power at some point. Fall and winter season can be unpredictable as you know.

Lantern 1

Power outage can happen any time; it can even last for many hours or even days during cyclones or floods. So, it is better for you to be prepared and that is what makes custom lanterns a superb promotional item this season.

It is the first thing that your clients will reach for when they are groping in the dark. And the first thing they see- your brand imprinted on it!  Lanterns last a long and people carry it wherever they go. You know, it makes everyone safe and feel reassured. Ending up in pitch dark without a handy source of light can be scary.

Why lanterns?

#1. Lanterns are great for bad weather

Hurricanes, storms or blizzards – they can all leave you in the dark for a longer time than you’d like. Shhh. Most people are afraid of darkness too. You will love these COB Lanterns that are durable, portable and stylish. Just grab it, pull up the handles and the lanterns flips right on. Mini COB Pop Up Lanterns with three AA batteries (which we’ll even toss in)

Mini COB Pop Up Lanterns

#2. Keeps everyone going

No lights? No problem. Light-Up 20 Oz Tritan Bottles & Solar Lanterns  will provide not just light but holds 20 Oz of your favorite beverage in the FDA compliant and BPA free bottles. These solar lanterns can light up for 10 hours.

Light-Up 20 Oz Tritan Bottles & Solar Lanterns

#3. Portable

Lanterns are simply great for emergencies and can be included in auto and home emergency kits. Micro Lanterns are small and portable. Simply slide the button up to light the lantern. The carabiner makes it easy to carry these around.

Imprinted Micro Lanterns

#4. Versatile

Hands-free and easy to use, lanterns make useful promotional items at home, car or on the move. Great for promoting all types of businesses and brands, lanterns make a well retained handout as well. Whether your recipients are searching the attic or walking down the country road, these lanterns will light up their way. Bonus- your brand will get right on top of their minds.

Get in touch with our product team to learn more about custom lanterns and light up your promotions.