Best Kept Marketing Secrets to Increase Repeat Sales

Making repeat sales is what makes businesses successful and stable. How to encourage the same customer to purchase your product and get them to refer a new client?

Having a stable customer base will get your job half done.Though there is no golden rule to make repeat sales on a regular basis, these tips will help you to enhance the chances of getting referral sales.

Say “thank you”

Thank you -These simple two words  hold tremendous potential in bringing people closer! Highlight the human side of your brand to your clients through personal thank you notes which will make them feel truly appreciated. Sending your notes of gratitude through post will enhance the value and sincerity of the message and make it special in today’s world of emails.

Let’s be frank about it! Nothing can beat out a handwritten greeting card to thank you clients for choosing your company over hundreds of other competitors in the market. Add a complementary custom gift or a discount voucher as a mark of gratitude. These small gestures will go a long way in getting the same customer come back many time after!

Keep in touch!

Regular updates through newsletter and business communication will keep your clients updated about the latest happenings in your business. It will create a personal rapport with the clients when you keep them updated about your promotional campaign by posting industry news, events, and promotions on a regular basis.  But before getting started, make sure to ask the clients if they are willing to receive the letter and the information they want to see in your newsletter.

Contest and Giveaways

Add a fun twist to your promotions by holding a raffle or  online fun contest and giving away  custom gifts to the winners. This will not just enhance your customer base but will help you to acquire contact details of new prospects to make a strong and diverse mailing list for future promotions.

Once you have their contact information, you can easily reach out to them and funnel them down to a future sale. It is a proven strategy to convert non-customers into clients and brand advocates in the long run.

Track client reviews

Make sure to keep a tab on user-generated reviews on the Internet to get a first hand idea of the pros and cons of your brand . it will give ample scope for you to fine tune  your branding strategy to be the crowd favorite. Thank customers who have provided positive reviews and try to answer the concerns of those  who might have posted negative reviews to prevent the situation from getting worse. Showing that you are willing to help them will highlight the integrity of your brand and create a better impression even among them.

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