Top Gift Trends to Look Out for In February 2022

February takes pride of an impressive event calendar that includes Valentine’s Day , Super bowl,  Spring outdoor fun and a lot more. Here are some trending gift ideas for every event.

Valentine’s Day gifts

The mere mention of February brings alive images of Valentine’s Day gifts and parties to most Americans. There is never a time as this month when you need heart shaped gifts. From heart shaped keychains to stress relievers and party balloons , there is a cheerful selection of custom gifts to consider for marketers during this month. So, check out our exclusive section of Valentine’s Day gifts to stay on top of the trends.

Umbrellas for spring showers

Let your clients brace up for the unpredictable spring showers with this incredible range of umbrellas. Models with reflective borders will keep the users safe in low  visibility conditions while inverted umbrellas prevent water dripping on to the floors or the users.  Options are indeed limitless. You can print your logo on the whole umbrellas or on one or alternate panels to ensure  optimum branding. In addition, umbrellas will also make a great team swag for your employees to battle the rainy days in style .

Printed Socks to keep their  toes warm

A pair of cool looking socks will indeed keep your prospects stay safe from the nip in the air. Undoubtedly, your artwork and message on these full color socks will make the talk of any event. Go wild with a flashy design or keep it simple. No matter how you wish to go about it, these socks will surely look great with  your logo  and will make a unique giveaway that’s sure to make your customers smile .

Tote bags for  Outdoor events

At a time when everyone is trying to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives, these reusable bags will make a great handout to consider . These long lasting bags will reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the landfill; and will help you to do your part in making the planet sustainable. Choose from a wide range of models and colors to choose your theme. Did we say that tote bags will make a great promotional giveaway for ecofriendly events and awareness campaigns as well? If you want to stand out from the crowd whilst doing your part for the environment, look no further than custom totes.

Tech accessories

There are some products like  tech accessories that remain top propriety of everyone all-round the year- irrespective of seasons. Choose from a wide range of handy products like RFID phone wallets, wireless speakers and more to match your budget . These premium products are perfect as an executive giveaway or to even sell on.  Customize it with your brand and message to make it unique and enjoy the consistent brand impressions that these make wherever your recipients go.

Need more? Browse our comprehensive collection of custom giveaways to choose handouts that will match the charm of the month of February.