Top Favorites in Seasonal Customizable Apparel Accessories

Custom apparel accessories are as popular as apparels in promotional circuits for its incredible popularity and high visibility. Here are  the four favorite accessories hand picked by our product experts that will drop enough clues on  the best investments during the outdoor summer season.

Top view women and man accessoires to travel concept.White and b


Bandanas can add a pop of color and fashion accents to even a low key dressing style. Available in various models including those made of cooling fabric or full color dye sublimated bandanas and more, these accessories are both cool and comfortable alike! Choose from a palette of colors to match your color theme and add your own artwork to make a perfect accessory that you love.

30x15 Inch Very Kool Cooling Bandanas

Striped Knit Scarf is a hot choice for July 4th parades, fairs, festivals and road trips. Apart from keeping the neck warm in the chilly evenings, it will accentuate your dressing style and highlight the fashion sense effortlessly. The bold colors and the striped pattern will leave a statement all-round the year. Your logo and message imprinted on these scarves will easily get all eyes on it.

Patriotic Knit Scarves


Nothing says summer outdoors like a pair of trendy, branded sunglasses. Choose from a wide range of models including UV resistant sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses and polarized sunglasses – to list a few. Apart from keeping the eyes safe from UV rays, these accessories will round of the fashion profile of the outdoorsy crowd with ease.

Metallic Colored Oahu Sunglasses


Most people may not think about aprons while considering accessories. But for hotel and hospitality industry, it makes a high utility accessory that will make countless impressions about your brand. Ecofriendly and stylish, these aprons will have your recipients look good and help them to carry out their cooking chores without soiling their dress.

Polyester with Cotton Twill Colored Aprons


 A wallet is an extension of the personality of the users as it will define the tastes and preferences of the users. Choose from a wide range of models including travel wallets, neck wallets, ID card wallets and so much more in different material choices and colors.  Your logo and message imprinted on these will enjoy a wide angle display every time your recipients flash their wallets.

 This leather pouch wallets and monogram wallet are our personal favorites. These will add a little class to your life style. Designed to safely store money, your debit/credit cards, keys and  other essential items , these wallets will make a firm brand reminder of your business and have it on the hand of your prospects at all times!

Signature Lamborghini Monogram Travel Wallets

 Looking for more? Browse our exclusive section of custom apparel accessories to get the best            add-ons to enhance the outdoor dressing style.