Top favorites among Custom Gifts For Music Festivals

It is the time of the year when music is in the air. Music is bumping, bands are playing and the crowd is tapping their feet. Frenzy is building up and it is a great time for marketers to drive the crowd of music festivals and events.


Here are a few custom products that will leave your music fans happy and put your brand under spotlight.

Neon Sunglasses

You might have seen this before in our favorite list of products and you are most likely to see them again. Prefect for jazz events and musical festivals, these brightly colored neon sunglasses match the carnival atmosphere and the bright apparels of your audience. These brilliant neon colored sunglasses make the ultimate crowd pleasers during all types of outdoor events. Music festivals are no different. Order in bulk to get the best price advantage. While you have a perfect gift for everyone in attendance, you get the biggest deals and discounts – win- win!

Custom Imprinted Neon Sunglasses Assortment


Everyone will love these cool accessories for its vivid colors and casual vibes. Think about Coachella or infact any musical event where there was not a jovial group of people wearing bandanas. Get your brand imprinted on bandanas that will keep the sun away from the head and neck of your attendees all the while making a great accessory that match with their apparels. These are great to get the name of the sponsors out in the middle of the crowd at easy rates. The best part is that bandanas enjoy a high retention and your message will continue to get a curious audience for a long time to come.

Promotional Logo Very Kool Cooling Bandana

Hand fans

Music festivals happen during spring and summer season. In the hot outdoors, these O2 Cool Carabiner Misting Fans will bring a great relief for your attendees. The Carabiner lets the users to attach them to belt, backpacks and even keys to it while moving about. Driven by 1 AA battery, these fans can hold up to 1.8 Ounces of water and have a capacity of 250 sprays.

Personalized O2 Cool Carabiner Misting Fans


When the attendees are spending the whole day taking snap shots and videos, it is highly likely that they will run out of charge of their phones easily. Take care of your music festival attendees by handing out custom powerbanks with your brand on it! These will continue to work for your brand for a long time even after the event

Promotional Power Banks with Rubber Finish

We have a lot more; just explore our complete line of custom gifts to choose something that matches your budget and the specific needs of the attendees of the musical events.

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