Top Custom Promotional Items Guaranteed To Get Noticed

Promotional product market is flooded with thousands of custom products. However not all products are unique or attention grabbing.  Here are some unique handouts that will allow your brand to stand out from the crowd and generate buzz. Often it pays off nicely when you get creative and think out of the box.

 Here are some popular promotional giveaways that are never missed!


Retro wooden toys

These gifts evoke an element of nostalgia and novelty and make a  welcome change from the tech overdose of today’s digital world! These retro wooden toys of Mini Wooden Tower Games include 48 blocks packed in a box. It is a  classic game and puzzle for team building exercises, educational games, or for pure fun for people of all ages.

Mini Wooden Tower Games

Glow in the dark gifts

A  light up drink bottle might not ring a bell as an essential item till you actually need one during camping, night biking  or while walking at night. Glow in the dark sports bottles will not just help the users find the bottle in the dark but even double up as a safety item that enhance their visibility.

28 Oz Glow-In-The-Dark Sports Bottles

Cooling towels

Great for the beach or a day out in the sun, cooling towels make your brand well noticed in the outdoors especially during summer events. Designed to absorb sweat and leave a cooling effect on the skin, these towels are available in various colors  and dye sublimation imprint options that will ensure a surreal branding effect.

Very Kool Dye Sub Cooling Towels

Phone wallet

Silicone Smartphone Neck Wallet will let your clients keep their Smartphone, ID’s, cards and cash at easy access. Flexible silicone straps attach the handy wallet to the phone while the metal clip allows the users to separate the wallet from the long strap. It’s a simple yet practical product that you can be confident will get talked about!

Silicone Smartphone Neck Wallet

Dry Erase Cards

Wipe Off Spelling Dry Erase Cards include a dry erase marker and 36 different cards that help in teaching young children how to spell words through games and pictures. These logo items are ideal for children of ages 3 and up. Save paper and save planet with these handy erase cards and get easy attention for your audience.

Wipe Off Spelling Dry Erase Cards

Rubik Cubes

A timeless gift that invokes a sense of nostalgia, Rubik’s cubes are a 3D puzzle that took everyone by surprise in the 80s. This toy will keep everyone engaged for hours on end and needless to say your message gets the best face time ever on these puzzles!

Rubik's® 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Pen holders

Ultra Desk Caddy will  let you get organized as these are designed for keeping  not just the writing instruments, notepads or phones  but have separate compartments for coins, clips and push pins too. Branded with your logo, these desk items will put your logo top of mind throughout the workday.

Ultra Desk Caddy

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