Top 7 Budget Friendly Fall Wedding Favors That You Cannot Miss!

Fall season happens to be one of the most popular wedding months of the year. The  pretty  natural spectacles around, a weather to die for and a fairly relaxed work and school schedules will all make it a great time for couples to walk the aisle. Choosing a pretty season for wedding is only half your job done because choosing the most appropriate custom wedding favors that complement the season is what rounds off the event in style.

Fall wedding favors

Here are some fall season wedding favors that your guests will surely use and cherish for a long time even after the big day.

Bottle opener keychains

Elk Shape Bottle Opener Keychains: You can’t go wrong with holiday motifs like Elk, which will bring in a fairy tale charm to your wedding day. The best part- everybody could use a spare bottle opener.

Elk Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

Scented candles

Complement the fresh and crisp fall outdoors and the pretty colors around with custom scented candles as your fall wedding favors. It will easily tug the hearts of your guests and ensure a relaxing spa experience or a romantic evening with its soft scents. It will make a fancy addition to the living spaces of your wedding guests.

Whitner Aromatherapy Wax Candles

 Rustic Pencils

A bit offbeat yet perfect, wooden pencils will make great desk accessories that relive your wedding day memories. Make it unique by customizing these with your images,  initials or wedding date to make it stand out!


Hot cocoa will make a perfect drink to beat the nip in the air and stay warm. It will make a great choice in non alcoholic beverages for the family audience. Customize these with your wedding day message and artwork to make it truly special. Talk about enticing fall season delights!  Your guests will literally melt at the choice of these delightful party favors.

16-Pack Single Serve Hot Chocolate Boxes

Cozy Blankets

Blankets make a perfect gift choice that will let your guests to cozy up; great for outdoor post wedding receptions and ceremonies as well. Make sure to get these imprinted with a snuggle-up sign or a romantic message to create the right mood. Choose from a wide range of colors and designs including the trending plaid patterns to match the theme.
Fleece Travel Blankets

Chocolate Bars

Get your wedding day message or artwork imprinted on the wrappers of these chocolate bars to make it a perfect wedding favor. These can also be considered as perfect turndown gifts that you can leave on guests’ hotel pillows during destination weddings.

1Oz Mika Chocolate Bars with Full Color Wrappers


Swirl lollipops make unique fall wedding favors. These look cool and taste delicious. It makes a perfect way for you to leave a sweet note among your guests.

Swirl Lollipop with Round Label

We have a lot more! Browse along and shop to your heart’s content to make sure that your favors end up as special as your wedding day!