Top 6 Ways To Use Custom Stadium Cups And Stay On Trend

Stadium cups are useful and always fashionable! Point blank, everyone simply loves stadium cups! Whether as party favors, tailgate items, tradeshow swag or store promotional items, custom stadium cups are absolute crowd pullers. When these delightful drinkware items are given away for free or with the purchase of a drink, everyone will stop by just to get their stadium cups.


Spacious, handy and above all good looking, stadium cups look perfect. This is what makes them popular giveaways at store openings, game days, weddings, tailgate parties and golf weekends. Get these stylish cups imprinted with your logo, mascot or message   to engage your audience. Offered in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, stadium cups will add tons of fun to even a low key refreshment hour!

Ideal for storing most liquids, stadium cups are not just for sporting events and stadium stands as the name may suggest. The term refers to reusable beverage cups, usually with no handle, that are typically filled with a beverage like beer or soda.

Here are some interesting ways imprinted stadium cups can be used

Giveaways during Ecofriendly events

Reusable stadium cups are easy on the planet and make a great way to highlight your ecofriendly traits. These make great handouts during marathons and store promotions and are perfect for  a steaming cup of coffee or tea on an angling holiday or camping trip, tailgate parties and golf weekends.

As game day souvenirs

Reusable and attractive, stadium cups can be customized to support your home team. Get it imprinted with the team logo, message or mascot to make a souvenir that the sports fans will love to take home with them and cherish for a long time to celebrate the victory!

As employee gifts

Stadium cups make great employee handouts as well. Everyone will surely love these stylish cups which will let them proudly show off their company’s logo. Choose a hot/cold kind of cup that employees can use every day.

For camping holidays

Stadium cups are handy for camping holidays and nature trails as these  reusable drink ware items wont pollute nature and wont be left behind as trash.

As wedding favors

Ever thought of using stadium cups as wedding favors? It is a great way to show the sporty personality of the couple. Get your wedding date, initials or artwork imprinted on these tumblers to add a stroke of fun to the event. These make great giveaways for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. While they have something that will let them remember the special occasion, you can stick to your wedding budget easily!

As tailgate party favors

Tailgate parties are filled to the brim with fun, frolic and mayhem. You need  stylish and easy to carry drinkware items that will withstand the high pitch excitement and the endless rounds of beverages that get served! Place your bets on stadium cups and impress your friends.  Light weight, sturdy and stylish, these drinkware items will get featured in their instagram posts and the tailgate snapshots as well.

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