Top 6 Advantages of Custom Coasters – Must Read

Coasters are everywhere; not just in restaurants or bars! Be it homes, offices, casinos or clubs, these ubiquitous items serve us all the time without being intrusive. Next time when you are enjoying a quiet drink at the pub, take a closer look because you are most likely to see these most powerful branding devices right in front of you.


Cheap and best- that’s the best way to define promotional coasters. Offered in a wide range of shapes, colors and material choices, coasters add a fun pop of color to the tables and keep the table surface clean from water rings and marks.

Anything imprinted on coasters will get a captive and relaxed audience that is not in a hurry. As people wind down and begin to have a good time, the subtle message imprinted on each coaster on the table gets more and more of their attention. They start exploring it without even being aware.

 Obviously, the prospects will be keen to take a special interest in the message that they see on the coasters stacked right in front of them. Some of them may even pick it up to inspect further if they see something hilarious and funny imprinted on it. Some may even take a snapshot of these coasters and share in their instagram pages or make a note of the message imprinted on it in their notepads!

One of the best things about coasters is that these can deliver an interesting message with pinpoint precision to an attentive audience- that is branding at its effective best. The big plus-  coasters can be used by marketers in various industries that are not necessarily breweries and bars.
Printed Round Absorbent Stone Coasters

Just think about the many times that you enjoy a drink in various locations. Not just in office pantry but while entertaining clients in the boardroom or even having a quiet cup of tea at the restaurant below. Every day, offers countless opportunities for coaster message delivery. The best part is that coasters make an essential part of everyone’s lives- nobody will ever find it as nagging marketing tools. Every time they fetch the chilled bottle from the coasters the printed message over it will get their undivided attention.

Coasters are available in various patterns that match the décor of the room and the table texture. From intricate glass coasters to cork coasters, paper coasters,  or stone coasters, there are countless models to consider. Choose something that matches the theme of your campaigns.

Square Shaped Glass Coaster Set

If you want to underscore the eco friendly traits of your brand, choose wooden coasters or  bamboo coasters.
Bamboo Coaster SetsMetal or leather coasters engraved with your message will make a great corporate gift and a perfect accessory for the office board room.
Premier Leather Coaster Sets

So, if you are looking for a practical and cost effective handout to promote your brand more widely, logo coasters will make a great idea. These remain popular even today in this robotic world!