Top 5 Promotional Products For Construction Industry

Choosing promotional products that match the business niche is the crux of any successful promotional campaign.  So, if you are looking for a perfect custom gift  to promote your construction company or house remodeling business, we have some of the best custom gift ideas for you. It is recommended to think of construction themed gifts or handy daily use tools that will be useful for your recipients instead of opting for novelty themed handouts that may not complement your business theme.

Top 5 Promotional Products For Construction Industry

Multi-functional tool

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking of construction business would be multi functional tools.  These high utility gifts will support your recipients’ daily routines like making minor fixes at home, car or in offices. Customize these with your brand and message to turn these into a high visibility billboards for your brand. The best part is that multi functional tools will get shared often and your brand on these will  reach an audience that is much beyond your targeted recipients.

Multi tools combine the functions of several tools into one without adding to the bulk. Small enough to carry in purses or pockets, custom multitools will ensure the much needed portability and exposure for your brand.

Emergency Hammer

8 Oz Claw Hammers make an emergency tool in every auto kit. These metal hammers can break glass, making it easy to escape for people in the event of getting trapped accidently inside the car or to unfasten the seat belts in case of accidents. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a portable billboard for your business.  These logo items that keep your customers safe will ensure better brand recognition.

Promotional Logo 8 Oz Claw Hammers


Custom flashlights will light up your marketing message and make a handy custom handout for your recipients. This daily use item will come handy in cars, homes or offices and will also be useful during night time outdoor activities like campfire or treasure hunt among others.  Highly functional hand outs like flashlights will give your brand a lot of exposure.

Tape Measure

Interestingly tape measures are something everyone needs but never care to buy for themselves. Be it for sewing, craft projects, sizing up items at home during DIY projects or getting body measurements, tape measures are everywhere. Branded tape measure keychains will make a great branding tool for architects and contractors. Your message on these will get a lot of visibility and grabs the attention from everyone around.

Carabiner keychains

Portable and light weight, these will add a fashionable twist to the plain and old fashioned keyholders. The recipients can free up their space in pockets as these keychains can be attached to their belt loop or bag straps and will ensure a high level of hands free convenience. Carabiner keychains make great freebies during mailer campaigns and tradeshows. Customize it with your imprints to create a buzz worthy campaign.

Knowing the best promotional products for the specific niche of construction industry will give your business a definite advantage to impress your audience and generate leads. Get started right away!

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