Top 5 House warming Gift Ideas For Real Estate Agents

As  real estate market trends swing, realtors often have to walk a tight rope while catering to their clients. Finally when the agreement is inked it is a moment of pride of  a job well done for any realtor that thrives in this heavily competitive industry.


A thank you gift is the best way to celebrate this happy moment and create a personal relation. Personalized house warming gifts are a great way for your clients to remember your message and refer your name to their friends.

Are you looking for some great house warming gifts for your clients? Here are some great gift ideas in all price rates.

1.Key chains

The best way to hand out the keys of the brand new home, keychains will stay long with your recipients and make a great brand reminder. Your contact information may get a lot of eyeballs. Your clients may refer their friends to your business or come back to you when they need a second home.

Tip:  Keychains are something the new home owners can use right away to keep their keys safe and stay organized during the mayhem that every house shifting unleashes!

Printed Retro Flashlight Keychains

2.Tool sets

As they say, moving to a new home will make everyone a DIY expert as they have to juggle countless tasks like fixing curtains ,  tightening screws or setting up cabinets. For the same reason, tool sets will make a cost-effective handout that new homeowners can consider. Print your business message on these to make consistent brand impressions.

Tip:  These handy mini tool kits will relieve them of the task of carrying around their complete toolbox for a small task. They can use it and carry around easily while your brand stays in front of them.

Printed Inwood Auto Light & Tool Kits

 3.Cutting Board

Highly useful for every home owner, cutting boards are available in various materials. You can even choose boards that come with knife or handles that make them more useful. Customize these everyday items with your brand and message and get spotted.

Tip:  Be it chopping vegetables or serving cheese at a party, these kitchen accessories can be put to use in many ways. Your clients will love to have an extra cutting board any time especially when their bags are still unpacked and the house in not fully functional!

Rhein Bamboo Cutting Boards

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

Portable speakers are a handy way to stream their playlist anytime, anywhere. Ideal for people of all age groups, these tech accessories will make a great addition to your gift list. Get your brand or greetings imprinted on these to make it truly unique.

Tip:  Bluetooth speakers can be used during road trips, picnics, beach holidays or even to wind down at the backyard of their new home. It makes a highly useful  gift that everyone will cherish.

Logo Astro Bluetooth Speaker

  1. BBQ Set

Grilling is a popular pastime of Americans during summer. A BBQ set will make a great house warming gift for your clients as they will find it useful during cook out parties, tailgating or camping. They can even plan a BBQ night at the patio or backyard for their new neighbors. Leave your brand imprint on these to make it work for your brand for a long time even after the event.

7 piece BBQ Set with Apron

Tip:  Grilling offers ample scope for socializing and trying out the favorite recipes for everyone. A portable grill set will make all the difference in their partying experience!