Top 2021 Gift Trends for Celebrating Champagne Birthday

Champagne birthday is celebrated when you reach the age that your birth date is, which means that you can celebrate only till the age of 31- the maximum that any date can be on a calendar! Interestingly, most people who were born in the first three-quarters of the month, might have missed this celebration by not even knowing it existed!

Here are some of the trends in champagne birthdays and the way these are celebrated.


It is getting popular

Champagne birthday trend is on the up in 2021 as it is being talked about and celebrated a lot. The Google Trends chart on worldwide searches indicate that future generations are more likely to celebrate their champagne birthday as they are  aware of it from a much younger age – should the trends continue.

Everyone loves celebration

People are hardwired to be passionate about parties and they are celebrating family reunions, kids birthdays , retirement party and more- So, champagne birthdays will make a great excuse to be at their partying best for anyone.

Let’s be frank about it! People love a good party and will constantly find new and interesting reasons to hold one.  Today, most people do not consider their 18th and 21st birthdays as their only youthful milestones. Even if you might have missed your champagne birthday, make a plan to celebrate your golden birthday.

Gift ideas

Wine sets

Elegant custom wine sets will make a great handout for your guests on the occasion of your champagne birthday. Get your artwork and birthday message imprinted on these wine sets to make  a  great party favor not just for the wine connoisseurs but anyone who wants their life to be a big celebration!

Logo Imprinted Laguiole® Wine Companion

Chocolate gift box

Nothing says parties like food and candy gifts. Customize these with your message and artwork and your guests will have a sweet reason to remember your birthday. Choose from various chocolate gift box options and flavors to pick up the best.

Red Snowflake Three-Tier Towers

Wine glasses

Let your guests take home a great reminder of your party in the form of wine glasses. Choose from a wide range of interesting models including champagne flutes, stainless steel wine glasses in a palette of vivid colors or bar accessories like glow in the dark margarita glasses among so much more.  It makes a wonderful birthday gift for people of all ages and a superb gift for a person who has everything!

Rosa Vacuum Champagne Flute

Apparel accessories

 Looking for something stylish? Look no further than these multi- purpose accessories like bandanas or gaiters among others. Get it imprinted with your message or artwork to make it exceptional; better still, choose accessories that  offer full color dye sublimation that will make heads turn. These well retained and regularly used handouts will keep alive your champagne birthday memories for a long time to come.

Christmas Gaiters

For more gift ideas, browse our collection of custom gifts and  party favors and leave a lasting impression in your audience.