Tips To Set Up A Family-Friendly Office – Must Read

With  Covid-19  throwing life off gear, we saw a lot of changes in the life style and work culture of people in the last few days. With the pandemic curve still steep and with no confirmation on the possible time limit needed to weed off the virus completely, we may see a lot more life style changes.

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Work from home routines may continue for some more time or more offices may turn family friendly to cope with the stress that the pandemic has unleashed. With the schools closed and child care options limited, most parents will be relieved if they can take their kids with them to office.  Businesses can help their employees strike a work life balance in these trying times by adopting a family friendly policy.

 Here are some tips that may be useful.

1) Flexible Schedules

For any parent, a flexible schedule is more than just convenience. It can ease a lot of pressure and can even increase their productivity and focus at work. If they can leave the office a bit early to pick their kids up from school or take them to sports practice can be a great deal. It ensures better family binding and helps them save on the baby sitter fee.

Employees with small kids or aged parents can be given the convenience of working from home. Custom work from home kits will make a great way to make them team pride and feel well appreciated as they work away from office.  It will enhance their loyalty towards the employer, which in turn will be reflected in the quality of their work and output. Organizations can allow them to enjoy their family time without interfering with their work schedules.  Flexible leave policy is another area, which offers a lot of possibilities.

 Work From Home Kits

2) Paid parental leave

Providing paid parental leave for everyone including adoptive parents, surrogacy, and dads will be a great way to highlight the family friendly profile of your organization. In most families, both parents work and caring for a new child can be a huge responsibility.  Help your employees adjust to their new roles by offering paid parental leaves. It will be a great way to leave a positive company image for you.

3)  Office crèche

Setting up an office crèche will be a boon for the work force and the new mothers especially. It can go a long way in supporting your nursing employees and make them feel comfortable while showcasing your enhanced family-friendly workplace policies. Create a comfortable and private designated nursing space where the mothers are at ease. Help them and be supportive to your employees who juggle family and work responsibilities.

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