Tips to Incorporate Halloween Theme into Promotional Campaigns

Halloween – The spookiest holiday of the year is only a few weeks away. A remarkably popular event in the holiday calendar, millions of Americans participate in costume parties, turn their abodes into haunted houses, splurge on gifts  and indulge in trick or treat  fun. For businesses it is a great time to make some magnificent sales and enhance their fan base by handing out custom Halloween promotional giveaways. 


What’s great about Halloween is that it leaves a great influence on all marketing campaigns as well. Businesses can even include holiday motifs and themes in their marketing plan to make it complement the Halloween theme.

Here are some tips

Haunted themes

Perhaps the  most popular and the easiest way for business owners to  cash in on Halloween is to turn their establishments into haunted houses in tune with your corporate identity. A few decorations like cobwebs, light up skeletons or creepy crawlies are sufficient for creating a scary milieu.

LED Ghosts Halloween String Lights

Do not forget the classic jack-o’-lantern to round off the Halloween decoration. Business owners can even host a pumpkin carving contest for the employees and inspire them to  come up with intricate designs to show consumers that your business is celebrating  Halloween  in its true spirit and tradition.

Costume parties

It is the only time of the year even everyone has a free hand to dress up wicked and wacky and still get applauded! Host a costume party for your employees and patrons to drive up the Halloween party fun and see how  many goblins and monsters are out on the prowl!

Light Up Green Devil Horns

Trick  or treat

Trick-or-treating is the most beloved Halloween tradition among both kids and kids at heart. Customize food and candy gifts for your employees, customers and even  kids in the neighborhood to spread your message along with the sweet treats, it will easily enhance your goodwill and local  brand presence. Prospective customers will surely love to support businesses that enhance their festive experience and make them feel special. This small gesture will project the friendly profile of your brand and make your business a lot more a lot more popular.

1 Oz Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Businesses can even encourage their patrons to dress up and trick-or-treat to enhance the fun further. Some of the handouts that can be considered for the Halloween gift bags include Keychains, custom Halloween magnets, glow products and more.

These custom giveaways will still be advertisements for your business while offering high utility gifts that the recipients will find useful for a longer term than a candy bar. Plus, it will  even off their initial disappointment of not getting candies as treats as well. Win-win!

Halloween Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil

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