Tips to Choose Custom Promotional Products for Events and Trade Shows

Business events and trade shows are back on the marketing calendars of organizations after a fairly long gap due to the pandemic. Trade shows are an essential way to grow your brand, meet new customers and ensure success for your company.These events draw a huge crowd and offer a perfect opportunity for your business to grab easy attention.

Here is the  ultimate guide to choose the best trade show merchandise for the event and brand marketing afterwards.

Tradeshow Gifts With A Fun Twist

Promotional Products for effective branding

Setting up your brand to get noticed is the first step. Choose giveaways that will grab easy attention of the attendees while showing off your logo.

Flags and banners

Teardrop banner flags will make your booth stand out. Easy to fix and move depending on the flow of traffic to ensure maximum publicity, these are available in various sizes . Reusable and ideal for events like conferences and trade shows, custom flags and banners will enhance the professional appeal of the booth as well.

Make use of the generous imprint space of these logo items to get your message imprinted in full color . Easy to set up , these attractive banners will stand tall to attract the eyes of your customers. Plus, these are great choices as work space additions post event.

Double Sided Tear Drop Sail Sign Kit with Spike Base

Promotional T shirts

The best way to get the attendees to talk to your employees is by revealing their identity in custom T shirts and lanyards. It will help the attendees to know who they are at busy events like trade shows. Getting your team outfitted in your corporate colors will highlight your professional brand identity and make the customers remember your brand.

The best part is that these imprinted items can be used for various other events beyond trade shows like photo shoots, corporate meetings and socials.

Men's Omi Short Sleeve Tech Tee

Trade show swag

Now that your team has become the crowd magnets and people are streaming to your booth, it is the time for your team to hand out custom giveaways to the attendees to strike a personal rapport and leave the best first impression. The human interaction involved in the whole exercise will make it far more memorable.

Some of the great trade show swag include pens,  tote bags, water bottles, tumblers and more. These useful handouts will effectively get your brand remembered not just at the event but after too! Get these budget friendly logo items imprinted with your logo and message to make it a long lasting brand reminder among your audience.

Cross Town Business Tote Bags

Looking for more? Browse our complete line of custom giveaways to make a headway. If you are on a budget under $1 giveaway section is where you should be in!