This is What Makes Fitness Giveaways Great Employee Gifts

Inspire your team to adopt a healthy life style this year by handing out some appropriate wellness giveaways. It will also help them to tick off their New Year resolution of getting fit like never before. Choose from a wide range of items that your prospects will find useful. From water bottles to jump ropes and cooling towels, there are many appealing choices as corporate gift ideas

Surveys show that companies with the most engaged employees are 17% more productive, 21% more profitable, and 20% more sales. This shows how crucial it is for businesses to connect with their team and show that they care.

Handing out wellness giveaways is indeed a great way to show your appreciation to your employees.

1. Drinkware

Hydration has a key role to play in the well being of people. Handing out quality drinkware will inspire your recipients to stay hydrated in and out of work. Marketers can invest in drinkware items like water bottles and tumblers among others.

Water bottles

Your employees will indeed be excited to use these sleek and stylish water bottles branded with your logo and message. They will surely be proud to use it and even to carry it to gyms, picnics and during road trips , thereby spreading  brand awareness.

Water bottles  are available in various  designs and materials including glass, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and more. Vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles will make a perfect choice; because it will keep the beverages in the desired temperature for a long time. 


There’s nothing like having a nice, cold beverage after a long workout or a jogging spell. Custom tumblers make great giveaways to enjoy, carry and store drinks. Needless to say, your message on it will indeed get a lot of eyeballs. It will not only  promote healthy wellness routines among the audience but promote your brand as well.

 Yoga Mats

Yoga is incredibly popular among most Americans today. A custom yoga mat  customized with your brand  or wellness message will make the  perfect nudge to get your recipients start their yoga routines. Besides, you can choose from various models including those with carrying bags. It will also ensure a healthy life style  for your audience and a healthy branding for your brand. Win-win. Yoga mats are a wonderful way to spread brand awareness and introduce employees to a healthy activity in office and beyond!

 Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are simple yet effective wellness items for home/ office workouts. Easy and portable, these bands will enable people to enjoy a work out anytime, anywhere.  These handy custom promotional products will even enable the employees to get a workout while sitting at their desks.


Corporate apparels like T shirts are one of the best ways to advertise your brand while giving your prospects a great reason to take their fitness sessions seriously. Choose custom T shirts in your corporate colors for the best impact. Your employees will surely wear these stylish apparels with pride to show your brand off.  Ideal for any kind of workout, T-shirts will match perfectly with a wellness theme.  In addition, these are available in various sizes and materials that will match  your branding theme.

Custom jackets too make great  gift choices. It will keep your employees  warm before, during and after a workout in winter.  These trendy and durable jackets will indeed make long lasting billboards for your brand.

Cooling towels

Work out sessions include strenuous and sweat bulleting activities for sure. So, can there be a better handout than custom cooling towels to keep your recipients comfortable and cool. Available in various models and sizes, cooling towels will also offer a high visibility imprint space for you to highlight your message.

Duffel Bags

Handing out a unique gym bag will make their daily trips to the fitness centers interesting. Spacious and sleek, these bags can even be used as travel bags and holiday bags.  These functional bags that your recipients will be using daily will obviously make consistent impressions for your brand  at one time investment.


These wellness giveaways will surely wow your employees as they use to  keep track of their steps , calorie burnt, heart beat and more. Available in various models including solar pedometers and shoe lace pedometers, these gadgets will surely put your brand on the move. It is a budget friendly way to inspire wellness in the workplace.

Jump ropes

Some things like jump ropes never go out of fashion. Evoke nostalgia and childhood memories in the minds of the audience by handing out  these simple work out items. It is a perfect routine to work  different  parts of the body in a fun way. Ideal for all age groups, these budget friendly items have indeed a lot of  benefits in strengthening the muscles of both upper and lower body. It is also a proven cardio workout  that will also improve lung capacity and burn calories.

Above all, jumping the rope is simply fun. Your recipients can set different speeds, jumping patterns and times to add a fun spin to  this activity.

Headphones And Earbuds

Listening to music will help people to work out more without boredom. Thus earbuds will make essential items to have at the gym. Choose from a wide range of interesting models at just about every price rate, custom earbuds printed with your logo will get a lot of attention and appreciation among everyone who happens to see these. The best part is that your recipients will use it in various settings outside gym. Thus, your message will get far more exposure than you might have envisaged.

Custom Printed Flying discs

These fun themed giveaways are useful to leave your customers at gyms and fitness centers engaged and entertained ! Available in a range of colors, these flying discs have a flecked finish that will set a perfect backdrop for your logo and message. These fun game will obviously help your employees to wind down after a hectic workout schedule.

You have a lot more gift ideas to consider in this niche. So, by  actually investing in fitness gifts for your employees, you can highlight your level of support to them, while exposing your brand to scores of people in fitness centers and beyond as well.

Inspire your employees to take wellness seriously by handing out these premium quality handouts that they will find highly useful for many years to come. Contact us today to get started!