The Smart Way To Use Custom Gifts At Tradeshows

Tradeshows present a brilliant opportunity for businesses to reach out to a massive crowd. The tradeshow season for this year has started and these these tips on the best ways to handout tradeshow gifts will help you plan the tradeshows in 2017 in a more effective manner.


Wait and watch

If you are ordering in bulk, make sure not to get all the items imprinted with the tradeshow name and date because you may not need the whole stock or the expected turn out is less than anticipated. So, a feasible option would be to imprint a part of the stock with your brand or message, because you can use it during any event.

Who will be your audience?

Spare a thought at the type of audience expected at the tradeshow. If you are going to a tech expo, it is sensible to stock up custom flashdrives or powerbanks for your audience rather than giving gifts like towels or calendars.

What is your booth position?

Though this is not something that ring a bell in most tradeshow attendees, booth location do have a major role in deciding the gifts. If your booth is near the entrance, a tote bag will be a good option for all those tradeshow swag and freebies that people will be getting from the booths ahead. A handy bag can save their day and your brand on these will step into your competitor’s booth as well!

If your booth is at the rear, custom water bottles will make a perfect gift as people will be tired and thirsty by the time they reach there.

Call to action

A call to action will be a smart way to engage your audience with your brand . Use the imprint area to tell your recipients to follow you on Instagram, subscribe your newsletters or anything you want to convey to your customers. Be unique and quirky for best results.

Be lavish with gifts

Make sure to handout gifts for everyone who steps into your booth to leave the best first impression. Your brand and message imprinted on these will grab the attention of your attendees and once they are familiar with your line of business and product line, you can engage with them and prompt them to come up with queries. You can even organize fun contests and raffle gifts and make sure to collect their business cards for their chance to win. Be transparent in your deals and if you offer gifts for the contest winner, make sure you get it dispatched. This is the best way to impress your prospects.

How do you think of these tips? Will it make any impact during your forthcoming tradeshows? Tell us what you feel in the comments section in our blog.

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