The Saga of Bandanas From Street Fashion Wear To PPE And Everything in Between

Bandanas are proven winners as street wear fashion and casual accessories that will keep the hair out of the eyes, add a pop of fun color to the attire and bring in a ninja touch to your style. Now fashion trends have taken bandanas one step ahead to  make it a popular accessory in every contemporary wardrobe.

18x18 Inch American Flag Bandanas

 These versatile accessories indeed  have left their mark in both the worlds of fitness and fashion. Custom bandanas imprinted with quotes, and designs have kicked up a storm among promotional gifts  for businesses  to reach out to the youth and the fashion conscious millennials in the new normal world.

Bandanas can be worn in countless creative ways and your creativity is the only limiting factor on how you wish to wear this piece of cloth for both men and women! No matter whether you wear it around your face, on your head, or even on your hair, you are all set to make heads turn!

Wear it as per your mood or the weather to come up with an awe inspiring style. You can even  invent a new way of wearing this accessory to contribute something to the fashion world!

Here are some interesting ways to use bandanas. Try it to believe it!

Comfort Mesh Cooling Neck Gaiter Face Mask with SILVADUR™

What else- use it like a Bandana!

Use it for what it was originally designed for!  Tie the  bandana around your  head on a bad hair day and you are all set to create a fashion statement.

9.87x19.69 Inch Yowie Express Multi-Functional Rally Wears


Bandanas make a handy scrunchie for everyone with long hair. Just pull the hair through the opening, and then tie it like a normal hair tie while at the beach or playing at the park with the kids.

30x15 Inch Very Kool Cooling Bandanas

As Face Mask

A face covering that keeps the nose and mouth well shielded will reduce the chances of contamination. If you don’t have your regular face masks on hand, use bandana to stay safe against dust, elements and droplets. Breathable and light weight, these are convenient options on a warm day.

9.5x20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies


Bandanas make a lightweight alternative to the warm beanies for mild winter or breezy spring outdoors.

Or simply fold it into a triangle and wear it at the nape of your neck to stay warm on a chilly day and to bring in a  hipster vibe.

The versatility of bandanas will unveil tons of fashionable ways to incorporate it into your dressing style . No matter whether you use it to manage a bad hair day, to enhance a plain outfit or stay safe from elements, bandanas will help you go your way.

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