The perfect corporate contest for No-shave November!

We’ve been discussing a lot about holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But there is something much cooler than that; No-shave November! Yes, the beard is back! No shave November is typically conducted along with some awareness campaigns, and it could be anything, such as prostrate awareness, men’s health awareness or cancer awareness! But how do you make it different? We got you the solution!

Along with this month-long campaign, corporates can also do contests for their employees! This will generate employee loyalty and productivity in your workplace. So dig in, and arrange something new on this No- Shave November!


No Shave November Contest

Critical Note: If your company doesn’t allow your employees to grow their beards, you can skip this contest. This contest is for those companies who would let their employees grow their beard wild and free, at least for one month in general.
This contest can start at the end of October. Announce this contest in your workplace and tell your employees to shave their entire face as clean as possible! Yes, you heard it right! The first and primary step is to start with a clean face. That’s not it! Get the after shaving pictures of your employees as it sets the base for our contest. You could either conduct a ramp walk or let your employees send their photos to some specific email id.
Now coming to the main instruction- Do not shave All November! You gotta tell your employees not to shave the entire month! If somebody breaks this rule, they will automatically get eliminated from this contest. At the end of every week, these contestants should send a photo update of their face to the organizers. Or the company can organize a ramp walk every week to judge the contestants. On the last of November, the company can choose one from the participants based on their beard length, strength, and other factors. You could make it more interactive with a set of prizes such as People’s Choice, Most Grown, and Longest, etc.
This month of No-Shave November, make your own improvised campaigns and get your employees involved in it. As a part of the campaign, you could gift your employees custom promotional products such as no shave November t-shirts or hoods to appear in the ramp walk! You can print your company logo behind these t-shirts to make it more sophisticated.