The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Different US States

The biggest banter topic these days in the country is obviously about the most popular Halloween candies doing the rounds. It is interesting that people in different states have specific tastes and preferences when it comes to candies according to a survey by Influenster, a website that hosts product reviews. In a random survey that included 40,000 respondents across the country for their favorite Halloween candy, some very interesting results were derived. Take a look at which state went with which candy!

The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Different US States

M& M is one of the top favorite candies among Americans!

M & M has turned out to be one of the popular candies for Halloween in America this year. With Michigan and Oklahoma rallying behind these goodies, we are likely to see a lot of M&M’s in the gift packets this year.

Michigan, the State of the Great Lakes too voted M&M’s as their favorite candy. So, we can expect to see tons of these colorful blobs in the trick or treat bags and Halloween goodie gift bags this year. For marketers who may be looking for Halloween promotional gifts can consider customized M & M. We have Imprinted Medium Cello Bags with M & M`s Candy. Each clear cello bag features assorted color sweet candies and full color header that can be imprinted with your brand logo or brand slogan. Seal your business relationships with these delightful customized cello bags with M & M candies.

Logo Imprinted Medium Cello Bags with M & M`s Candy

Hurray! Oklahoma , which is famous for its mountains, waterways and highlands has also voted in favor of M& Ms this season. Just in time for the Halloween trick or treat parties we have stocked up the Large Cello Bags with M & M`s Candy with a full color header that makes an attractive billboard for your brand. It makes a perfect gift for your customers, friends, business partners, employees or anyone who mean a lot to your business. Go for it!

Hershey’s Kisses- the heart throb of people of Mississippi

Mississippi where the casino fun never ends has placed its bets on the classic chocolates of Hershey’s Kisses this Halloween. Heart Show Piece with Hershey Kisses will make a hearty way to share the festive cheer and the Halloween fun. These can be considered as individual acknowledgement gifts or Halloween trick or treat bags. Your recipients will remember your brand for a long time even after its contents are finished.

Promotional Heart Show Piece with Hershey Kisses

Rectangular Tin with Hershey Kisses is another wonderful option to consider as thank you gifts for your customers. The smooth heart shaped chocolates will make a delightful way to keep your message closer to the hearts of your recipients.

Missouri has Voted for Hershey’s Kisses!

Missouri, a jovial state that loves to celebrate life’s simple pleasures will ensure a lot of sweet memories for the residents and tourists alike. This beautiful, lush green state has picked up Hershey’s Kisses as it favorite Halloween season candy. The marketers who wish to go by this trend can shop for boat loads of these smooth chocolate delights to impress their clients and employees. Businesses planning a community event or a large Halloween party for your employees will find these Large Round Show Piece with Hershey Kisses a perfect gift. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how your brand leaves a sweet impression in the minds of your patrons.

Promotional Large Round Show Piece with Hershey Kisses

Its official! Halloween candy is a hot topic among the staff members of ProImprint too because we are all sweet toothed and we remain blissfully forgetful about the calories and the weighing scales during the holiday season. Whenever we find candies, we cannot help indulging in this sinless passion!

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