The Most Popular Election Campaign Gifts This Election Year

The 2016 U.S. Presidential elections have unveiled a host of interesting promotional swag to the campaign managers and candidates. Be it the Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” trucker hat or the Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit t shirts or still Marco Rubio’s onesies, the campaigners get to see a lot of gift ideas trickling in by the day as the campaign reaches its final lap.

Though promotional gifts had been here since the presidential campaign of John Adams, it appears to have taken a mightier role in 2016 elections. Candidates are leaving nothing to chance in coming up with unique promotional gifts that are tailored to meet the tastes of certain demographics and making a personal dialogue with their voters.

Candidates have rolled out massive online campaigns lined up with these interesting custom gifts. Every time their supporters buy from these online stores, the returns will add up to their donations. Beyond the money that is involved, this smart branding exercise will give the candidates a concise data about the personal preferences along a variety of demographic groups.

Simply put, by analyzing the purchase trends of the voters, candidates can easily say whether their voters are technology geek, a beer lover or a sport fan. By identifying trends and setting up demographic profiles, candidates can plan a well targeted campaign and tap into a lucrative funding source they had not previously known about.

So, 2016 election campaign swag clearly proves that it is much more than handing out coffee cup or the t-shirt. As the Election Day approaches, the data derived will help the candidates to target their voter groups in a subtle and effective manner. More than just branding the political candidate or the party, the sale of these custom items also doubles up as an extensive political survey.

So, if you are looking for some unbeatable promotional gifts to get your message out to the voters, the following custom gifts will be good options.

Hats and caps: Imprint your message and symbol and put it in their heads literally with these ever popular gift items. An ideal summer season accessory, hats will put your logo on a proud parade not just when your recipients hit political rallies but also when they are on a picnic or a beach holiday. Sounds good right?Custom Logo Imprinted Polyster Caps

Mason jars: Old is gold. These classic masterpieces of mason jars never go out of trend if the ongoing trends in election campaigns are to believe. Great for home, office or even the curio shelf, these logo jars will carry your symbol and message in style.Customized 16 Oz Ceramic Mason Jars

Car magnets: Set out on a whirl wind promotional campaign with these attractive car magnets that can be customized with your election symbol, party colors and election message.6 Inch Circle Custom Outdoor Safe Magnets 30 Mil

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