The Best Ways to Use Promotional Coasters

Coasters win hands down as perfect promotional gifts. Apart from having a high visibility branding area, coasters are functional and budget friendly as well. These tips will help you to enhance the potential of custom coasters to ensure better brand exposure and more sales.


Make it stand out

Print an artwork that is eye catchy and that represents your brand to make your custom coasters stand out from other coasters lying on their table. Choose a design that spreads out to the edges of the coaster  to make your brand visible even when the mugs are placed on the coaster.

Round Paper Coasters

A compelling call to action

 Invite your customers to do something with a call to action message that will ensure further brand exposure. It could be a tagline, a bar joke or an interesting tip that will make the prospects stop on their tracks and explore the message further.

Round Cork Top Coasters

 Use it as direct mail items

Coasters can get your message far and wide thanks to its lightweight and flat profile, which makes these ideal for low-cost mailings. Just put into envelopes and mail out as free gifts for prospective customers to engage them with your brand. These high utility items will never get discarded for sure and your message will remain front and center of a curious audience.

Square Coaster With Bottle Openers

Classic gift ideas

Coasters never go out of trend and will be used for a long time in homes and offices. So, make sure that you choose a message that will be relevant way into the future. Do not use short term branding message like discount offers with a date expiry.

Jaffa Radiant Leather Coaster

Shapes and models galore

Coasters don’t have to be round or square ; choose interesting shapes that aligns with your brand and will convey your message easily to your customers. Choose from a wide range of interesting models like stone coasters, bamboo coasters, glass coasters and a lot more.

Great Coasters

Budget friendly

Coasters are budget friendly promotional gifts. The cost per item will be reduced even further if you buy in bulk. As these are not perishable and remain fashionable all through, you can stock up in bulk for all your upcoming promotional events. Get more value for your promotional dollars with custom coasters, which will draw easy eyeballs during cocktail events or luncheon parties and get more attention than the rest of the pricey tableware items.

Patron 4 Pc Corrugated Coaster Set

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