The Best Ways To Use Political Yard Signs For Election

Political yard signs that pop up in the busy intersections can ensure extensive publicity for your political campaigns. The larger the yard sign, the better will be the publicity for the candidate. A well customized yard sign can ensure the ultimate political mileage whether you are running for local sheriff, mayor or senator or member.

Custom signs and banners make a powerful way in educate and even influence undecided voters or people who may be less interested in politics. Every time they see these full color banners imprinted with power packed taglines, artwork or even a story, they will be curious to delve upon your message to know what it is!While TV debates and digital campaigns have a very short shelf life, traditional options like yard signs remain tangible reminders of your message for a long time to come.


Reports show that young adults in the age group 25-34 tend to get quickly attracted to well-made publicity signage. As the main aim of any political campaign is to get your message to more people, candidates leave nothing to chance. From digital campaigns to traditional publicity materials like yard signs, banners and flags, they explore every possible options to turn on the voters.

How to use political yard signs?

Political yard signs have to be used to create a bonding with the voters and make the name of the  candidates familiar to them. These full color political yard signs can portray your message effectively. Choose from a wide range of models and sizes to choose your  publicity needs. You can consider a combination of tools including banners, car magnets, flags and yard signs for better impact and long lasting effect.

Political Magnetic Car Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Size matters

As your aim is to draw the attention of people to your message, the signage you choose should be large enough to get noticed.  Yard signs that are too small may get easily overlooked and may not be able to highlight your message effectively.

 Custom Printed Double Sided Coroplast Political Signs with H Frame

Color scheme and Fonts

People should be able to read your message on the yard signs from a distance. Use contrasting colors and bigger fonts that help the message stand out prominently making it easy to read both at day and night as well. The fonts you choose and font size can make all the difference to your signage.

Custom Printed Single Sided Presidential Campaign Coroplast Signs

Where to place

Political signs can be placed in strategic spots and busy spots in permissible areas in compliance with the regulations applicable in the locality.  It could be an intersection, near shopping plazas, outside schools etc to garner maximum attention.

Need political yard signs for your campaigns this election year? Browse our complete line of yard signs to choose a model that will meet your needs and budget.