The Best Ways to Use Halloween Trick or Treat Bags As Marketing Tools

It’s not an exaggeration to say that for most people the entire month of October is the season of Halloween. Marketers too adopt Halloween themed promotions including giveaways , parties and haunted house themed events . When the trick-or-treat season inches closer, everyone will get busy setting up the best gift bags in town. So, if you too have been looking for some creative tips that will make your trick or treat bags special, you are at the right place.

Halloween is not just popular among kids but adults as well. It is one of the busiest retail seasons for marketers as well. Here are some creative tips to make your trick or treat bags exceptional.

Why Halloween marketing is important

In today’s world, customers have a lot of choices on hand and are bombarded with messages from various brands. So, it is easier for your brand to get overlooked. So planning constant marketing and adding a personal touch to your promotions is going to make all the difference. Personalized halloween giveaways including trick-or-treat bags are great options. Apart from being fun, Halloween marketing enables marketers to stand out in the competition and engage the audience on a personal level.

Get started with  an interesting artwork

Come up with a Halloween themed artwork that will make your trick or treat bags stand out in style. From the scary one-eyed monster to the menacing bats or scary mummies, you can think of anything that will send a chill down the spine of everyone. Add your logo, message and a witty tagline to complete the design.

Pumpkins are considered as the symbol of Halloween and are one of the most popular designs for any Halloween bag. Add a punchline of your company to make it unique.

Choose an interesting bag

The bag that you choose is as important as the treats that go into it. Pumpkin shaped bags will make a great choice. Choose from various models including frosted pumpkin bags, LED bags and so much more. Customize with your Halloween message to make it  relate to the theme. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get these one of a type bags that are hard to miss!


Marketing on the go!

When you use promotional Halloween bags  printed with your logo, tagline, or artwork, it will get your message across the audience and will reinforce your  brand name within the customer’s mind to make your brand popular . Wonder why this type of marketing technique works best? Every time kids take these customized trick or treat bags  to the neighbors,  everyone around will also take note of the message. This in turn will enhance your customer base and help them reach markets that they otherwise cannot tap.

Why Halloween themed marketing always work

Halloween themed marketing will help marketers to reach to a wider audience and increase their brand awareness. Thus marketers have a great opportunity to use their creative side to design campaigns that the customer remembers.

Creative customization is the key

Customization is the key to success. Your logo and message imprinted on these custom giveaways will reach a wider audience, to bring out positive results. Use taglines with a creative tagline and images that are visually appealing to promote the brand while bringing out  the best  trick-or-treat bags of the season.

Halloween is a unique festival to capitalize on

Halloween is a quirky festival  for you to leverage your marketing efforts  because it is different, and  it involves spookiness and fun in equal measures. Companies that wish to reach out to a family audience including children will find Halloween themed events an effective way to market their brand.

Halloween is  universal!

Celebrated  in most parts of  the world, Halloween sets a great theme for your promotional plans. You can target a large number of people using this event to create the much desired word of mouth publicity. When your audience sees your company logo many times over and over again, it will  leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Help you connect with the customer

Halloween themed events will also connect the audience on a personal level for a long term. If you wish to go that extra mile in becoming part of their special cultural festival, invest in Halloween themed  promotions.


Your recipients will love to get free Halloween trick or treat bags for free as they can save money on these bags. Marketers in turn will get a great opportunity to get their message across to a festive crowd who will be in a perfect mind to receive your message.

Highlight your ecofriendly credentials

Hand out reusable bags that will make  a great replacement for plastic bags and highlight your ecofriendly credentials. Your customers will surely take note of your sustainable marketing efforts and will surely support your brand even more for this reason.

As customer gifts

Moreover, Halloween trick or treat bags are not just for promotions but also make great customer giveaways. It  is a nice way to appreciate their loyalty and their contribution to your business. Apart from expressing your thanks, it is a delightful way to wish them a  happy Halloween in advance.

Complimentary bags with purchase

Likewise, you can give away customized trick or treat bags complimentary with the purchase of any of your products throughout October. Kids will remember you and will keep bragging about you in their circle. This will make other kids and their parents come to your store as well.

Trick or treat bags for schools

You can even distribute custom trick or treat bags in the schools in your locality to share and spread the festive cheer and make the students happy. With your logo and message printed on the bag, it will indeed make a great marketing tool, because your brand name will catch the attention of the parents who may have a great purchasing power. They will also be interested to make a purchase from you.

As décor items

Trick or treat bags can be used as part of your store décor items. Your customers will surely love the festive theme in your stores and will feel connected with your brand in an emotional plane. In addition, shoppers will especially be tempted to buy bags from if they are exceptionally good or spooky enough.

Ideal as mailer items

Halloween bags are light weight and compact; so you can make it as your mailer items as well. It is a budget friendly way to engage with your audience and get your message into their hands . In addition, you can also throw in coupons into the bags to make it even more interesting.

As safety awareness items

Trick or treating carries an element of risk if precautions are not followed. So, you can customize bags with safety guidelines for the benefit of kids especially. For instance you can print message like the importance of wearing reflective clothing, using flashlights and so on to stay visible on the dimly lit roads. It will highlight the social commitment of your business and make your brand more popular among the customers.

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