Great Ways To Use Custom Socks In Business Events

Custom Printed socks may not pop up in the minds of most marketers as a promotional swag.

However, these accessories can help to increase your brand awareness and build loyalty among your customers.Let’s be frank about it! Socks are a clothing item that everyone wears in any situation- no matter whether they are dressed up or dressed down. So why not take the opportunity to make your brand part of their dressing style by handing out custom socks.

Versatile and popular, these custom giveaways will fit easily into every promotional plan. Not only do they stand out, but they are an item that everybody wants and uses.

Here are a few ways to effectively use socks as a promotional item.

In Fundraising events

Raise money for a social cause or nonprofits and highlight your social commitment by designing and selling your own range of custom socks. For instance, schools can add their colors, mascot or a  fun design to make it interesting. Give away the socks and accept donations during school football match or other school events.

Trade show Giveaways

 Trade shows are a great place to reach out to a massive audience and make new leads. If you have a booth at a trade show, popular promotional swag  like socks will indeed be a big plus. It is not something the attendees receive quite often, which makes it truly special for them. Not only do socks make a great impression, but these are accessories  that people will actually use even after the event is over. Add your brand’s logo, slogan,  so that each time the attendees wear your socks, they are reminded of your business.

Store promotional items

Socks will make a universally popular accessory that everyone needs. By handing out these high utility giveaways you can build relationship with your audience and draw them closer to your brand. Custom socks will serve as a subtle reminder for the prospects about your company. This thoughtful gesture may even  prompt them to stay connected with your business as a loyal clients for a long time to come.

Employee Appreciation handouts

It goes without saying that your employees are your company’s best brand advocates. By handing out useful gifts like printed socks , you are not just making the employees feel special  but turning them to your brand ambassadors. When your employees wear your company merchandise,  it will enhance the professional appeal of your team and highlight their team spirit

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