How to Use Custom Cocktail Glasses to Put Your Brand in Home Bars

The best handouts are undeniably something that your audience will find useful and fun. Handouts like custom cocktail glasses will help your audience have fun and chill out after a work day.

Have you considered investing in customized glassware to increase the branding of your bar? If no, this is the perfect time to give it a serious try considering the holiday season rolling in!

Cocktail glasses ensure togetherness and party fun and get easy attention – all of the things you want in your marketing efforts. If you wish to shake things up custom shot glasses will make a great gifts choice to consider. It will show off your lighter side during such a serious time in our economy apart from your logo and business information. Not just bars or restaurants, many others will follow suit and before you know it!


Shot gasses can be easily incorporated into any marketing plan of yours. Whether you wish to  make a big announcement, raise funds for nonprofits or introduce your new signature drink list, custom shot glasses will ensure your company the attention you desire.  

Enhance your barware

Making the investment into your own bar ware can improve your branding and enhance customer retention. Choose from a wide range of interesting options like light up glasses, mason jar shaped glasses or even shatter proof stainless steel models to make your swag the collectors’  favorites.  People who drink at home or host parties often are more likely to use a unique glass. So, this will be the key in making an impact. Anyone who see it will surely be curious to know about the brand imprinted on it

Here are some more ideas to keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds by handing out custom cocktail glasses.

Shot glasses are practical handouts with a high perceived value and make a great addition to home bars and office pantries. It’s not just your recipients alone who are going to see them, either. Every time your they  host a party at home , these glasses will get a wider audience, which may even make new leads to your brand.

Cocktail glasses can enhance branding and get people coming back to your bar more often. Choose from a wide range of popular models and sizes to offer something that your prospects will find truly useful.

Be Creative

Customizing glassware is fun. Think beyond your logo or tagline to fun designs or bar jokes to make it unique and worth collecting.  Put on your creative caps to come up with something nice that will make your giveaways to be  used and  prominently displayed in someone’s home.

How do you plan to use cocktail glasses as your business giveaways? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page.