The Best Ways to Customize Pocket Knives as Business Giveaways

The market size of the Promotional Products industry in the US is estimated at $21.0bn in 2024. It means that promotional merchandise will continue to play a crucial role in promoting businesses in the years ahead as well

Pocket knives as business gifts may not necessarily ring a bell among marketers as an obvious choice. But knives make a classic gift idea especially for the active and outdoorsy type of audience and in fact anyone who is 18 years of age. Whether it is camping, hunting or fishing, pocket knives come handy. In addition, they are useful for crafts, DIY projects and warehouse activities.

To promote Hunting Lodges

Hunting can be recreational or a survival method. Having an appropriate custom gift will surely be beneficial for anyone who engages in this activity

To Promote Fishing Holidays

Impress the serious anglers and   casual fishing enthusiasts alike by handing out these knives. If you have a gift shop by a marina, you can even sell knives that people will find useful.

Hiking or Camping Activities

Knives come handy during pitching the tent, cooking and even during self defense against animals. Customize knives with your logo and message to make your brand part of their outdoor leisure activity.


Construction workers may rely on a plethora of heavy duty tools and machinery like chainsaws and drills during their activity. Still, a custom pocket knife will surely come handy at some time or the other.

Arts & Crafts

Whether you are building a garden fence  or a birdhouse, a pocket knife will be a great addition to your tool kit. Needless to say, your logo and message imprinted on custom knives will thus get a lot of attention and appreciation from people around.


Warehouse personnel will find knives useful to break the sealed tape on cardboard boxes or cut the packages and ropes.  It will make  their daily chores easier while your brand gets an  incredible display.

As Holiday Gifts

Knives win hands down as special gifts for Father’s Day, New Year and more.  It is a gift idea that si much more unique than another gift card or necktie!

Customization tips

Think of fun colors

Pocket knives typically come in neutral colors like black, white, or gray handles with a silver blade. However, you can still find some colorful models if you wish to add some personality to your giveaways.

Be Creative

Come up with some creative tagline or artwork that will look great on the handle or blade of your custom pocket knife. Afterall, a creative design is what is going to set your custom knives apart from the ordinary crop of knives.

 Choose multifunctional models

Some pocket knives come as part of a multi-tool set that includes other popular tools kike nail file or  mini scissors. These utility knives are more useful and hence will ensure more bang for your promotional dollars.

A  Keychain pocket knife is another popular model to consider. It is a good alternative since it hooks onto car keys. So, your recipients will always have access to knives in case of emergencies

Interested to make custom pocket knives your swag? Browse our collection to choose an appropriate model that will keep your brand on the cutting edge!