The Best Way To Show Your Team Pride- Custom Team Bracelets

Show your team spirit or school pride with these one-size-fits-all team bracelets that are available in dime a dozen models and colors. Ideal for both men and women, team bracelets will make great fund raising items for school clubs and local leagues as well. Light weight and easy to distribute, these logo items will spread the team spirit and the game day fun far and wide. Schools can even use as handouts during pep rallies and home coming events among others.

Show Your Team Pride

Did you know that team bracelets make great collectibles for your recipients? Team bracelets are not just for the sports team members but also make great handouts for fans. These can be given away as freebies along with the game day tickets or can be offered for a small price. Your fans will be excited to don their home-team colors as they cheer the players to victory and put a bold stroke of home team colors on to the stadium stands.

Here are some of the custom team bracelet models that you will find interesting during the current sports season.

Taggy Polyester Bracelets: These are not just for the sports events, but can be used during awareness campaigns, fundraisers and political campaigns. Offered in 8 color choices these custom bracelets with a security lock will make a great way to drive up team pride.

Custom Printed Taggy Polyester Bracelets

Light Up Silicone Bracelets: Make your brand and team logo seen even in the dark with these light up bracelets. Ideal for night sporting events, concerts and business events, these attractive silicone bracelets will never fail to turn heads. Your brand logo will show up against the alternately flashing LED light in red, yellow or blue. These make perfect party favors too!

Logo Imprinted Light Up Silicone Bracelets

Silicone Link Wristbands: Silicone wristbands make fashion accessories with a tremendous ability to display messages, which make perfect awareness event handouts to support a specific social cause.

Personalized Silicone Link Wristbands

8.5 Inch Slap Bracelets: The 80’s and 90’s fashion is back with these Personalized 8.5 Inch Slap Bracelets. These glow bracelets will make a great handout during tradeshows and exhibitions. Imprint your brand logo and message into these items to gain attention of your target customers instantly.

Personalized 8.5 Inch Slap Bracelets

Team bracelets double up as cheerleaders during sporting events, school rallies, corporate events and more. These build a strong sense of team pride and camaraderie among the team members. Personalize it with your message, team logo or mascot for added impact. Sponsors can turn these team bracelets to happening billboards during the big game days as your brand on these will get a 360 degree display all through the field and outside. The low cost advantage will make it easy for you to buy custom team bracelets in bulk to make sure that nobody is left out!

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