The Best Choices in Inspiring Giveaways- Must Read

There’s no denying it! we all need an extra dose of motivation from time to time! A pat on the back, a warm hand shake or a surprise gift on the desk are all some of the gestures that could make  a lot of difference in the lives of your employees. A little motivation may help everyone to live their best lives and bring out their personal best in every realm of life.

Nice job, well done, great. Proud good-looking satisfied female entrepreneur showing thumbs up smiling delighted pleased seeing good result, encouraging assitant keep up, liking plan, approving

Studies show that 40% of US  workers struggle to get the work-life balance right while 46% workers say they never get enough time to relax. Many employees think that their efforts are not being appreciated appropriately. It’s not just limited to the office! The busy personal lives are leading to exhaustion among most people.

A bit of motivation can be the magical pill that will work wonders in all these situations. Often it is about sharing your positive vibes with them. Show your support to your clients or employees and motivate them to achieve their life goals with some of these thoughtful custom promotional handouts.

Water bottles

Staying hydrated is the best way to stay healthy and relaxed alike. Customize water bottles with your logo, artwork and an inspirational message that will pep them up and help make a great start every day. Choose from various models including plastic water bottles, glass bottles or the most popular insulated metal bottles that will keep their beverages hot or cold as they wish.

20 Oz Insulated Bottles with TempSeal Technology

Tech accessories

With most people still working from home and organizations considering a hybrid working pattern, tech accessories that make work easier will be  a brilliant choice.  The prospect of working from home can be daunting especially when  appropriate tech accessories  may not be accessible.

Wireless charging mouse pad is a fabulous giveaway for your remote employees. It will keep their Qi-enabled devices, wirelessly charged up while doubling up as a mouse pad. Your message will inspire them and make them feel part of the office irrespective of the distances.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad With Phone Stand

Power banks are another useful handout for the remote team. Available in a wide range of models, capacities and colors, power banks printed with your branding will help to keep the work spaces efficient and the employees well connected.

Cherokee Power Banks - 5000 mAh

Webcam covers are often overlooked; however these play a key role in keeping your employees and confidential office data secure from the potential risk of hackers while working from home.

Security Webcam Covers


Add a pop of colors to the work space while keeping your employees well organized with planners. Choose from a wide range of models that will help them to stick to their schedules and plan holidays and meetings without clash of dates. Your logo and message will make them feel truly motivated all day.

Value Monthly Pocket Planner

Scented candles

Enhance the ambiance of the work space with soothing aroma of scented candles that will keep your employees relaxed and focused on their tasks. Choose from various models to match your theme.

Sparta Aromatherapy Wax Candles

Planter kits

Plants and flowers will bring in a slice of nature to the heavily digitalized work spaces of today. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get these planter kits that will nourish their gardening skills too!

Coco Planter Kits

Need more? We have a lot more to choose from. Browse along and hand pick appropriate giveaways that make lives easier and make your prospects feel inspired!