The Art of Choosing Gifts For Lumpy Mailers- Things To Remember

Lumpy mail gifts are available in just about every budget!  You can choose handouts that match the needs of the prospects and how valuable they can be to your business. For instance, if you have a hot lead in hand, you can think of gift items with a slightly higher price tag like T shirts. However, if you are planning to fan out to your whole community and plan a high impact promotional drive , choose custom gifts like pens that are useful and won’t add up to your postage.

The Art of Choosing Gifts For Lumpy Mailers (1)

For regular mailings, lower price items are more practical because you will be repeating the mailer campaign at frequent intervals. But for trigger promotions, price becomes less important than creativity. If you want to keep the postage expenses to a minimum, choose gifts that fit into a #10 envelope. Make sure that the maximum size of your handouts is 6-1/8 inches high X 11-1/2 inches long X 1/4 inch thick.

Here are some popular suggestions

Stress Balls

Fun, useful and above all irresistible, stress balls are available in various models!  Choose items that complement your industry for the best impact like for instance  Football Shaped Stress Relievers are great for booster clubs and football leagues.  You can even try out something silly like this  Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls that will bring smile to everyone in no time!

Promotional Football Shaped Stress Relievers


Everyone need pens to draw, write or simply as a writing desk item. Offered in various models and material choices, pens offer something for just about every budget! Trio Pens with LED Lights And Stylus will make a great choice. Get your brand imprinted in contrasting colors without stuffing too much information. Just your company name, URL, or phone number is great!

Custom Trio Pens with LED Lights And Stylus


The lightest and the most popular handout for any lumpy campaign, keychains make a great choice. Everyone needs keychains and an average user may use 5-6  keychains to  keep their different sets of keys for home , office and car well organized. Compact and easy to send, keychains will get a warm reception and long retention for sure. Choose from a range of material choices, colors or models. Choosing combo keychains like bottle opener keychains or flashlight keychains will make a great choice to keep your brand in front of your audience for a longer time.

 Tote Bags

Lightweight, budget friendly and practical, totes make sure-shot lump mailer items. Our personal favorite is Compatto Foldable Tote Bags. Choose from your favorite colors and surprise your recipients.

Custom Printed Compatto Foldable Tote Bags

Which of these are you planning to use as your lumpy mailer gifts? Join an interesting conversation with us by posting your thoughts at our facebook page.

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