The Advantages of Including Custom Totes  in Your Marketing Campaign

Reports show that businesses  that use custom promotional products in their campaigns is 2.5 times more likely to make positive impressions among the audience than companies that rely solely on digital promotions.


High utility branded items will get a high retention and will keep your message in plain view of the audience.  Promotional items like tote bags are proven marketing items that can make new leads and strengthen the bonds with existing customers. Custom totes enjoy a long life span plus incredible versatility that will make it fit into any promotional plan with ease.

Two Tone Grocery Bags

Whether you plan to hand out promotional  totes as trade show swag, employee gifts or store promotional items, these highly practical items will go a long way in enhancing your goodwill , which in turn will make people more likely to listen to your message. Once your prospects pick up these logo totes, these will do the rest of the work as the message imprinted on custom totes will sit in front of your prospects  for a much longer time than a print ad in the magazine, a banner on the street, a TV commercial.Thus customized totes  reach a larger audience than ever intended, thereby ensuring more brand visibility

Here are some more benefits of custom totes as promotional swag

Mariner Chic Polycotton Striped Tote Bags

More Brand Exposure

Get your message out to your audience by getting it imprinted on these high utility gifts. Your recipients will find these trendy bags useful on a daily basis, for months on end, which is more than any other advertising method. Just imagine the brand impression that custom totes will make during its impressive shelf life. Every time your clients or employees carry these  to the beach, picnic or super markets, your brand will get a wider audience. There cant be a  better exposure for your brand than this.

Pet Treat Polyester Tote Bags

Budget friendly

Totes have one of the lowest cost-per-impressions based on its cost and the average number of impressions it will make.   It is way lower than most standard promotional methods like prime-time television ads or print ads all the while remaining more interactive. Thus, totes are budget friendly handouts that are offered in various price rates enjoy a longer retention,  and a higher ROI.

 Large Insulated Grocery Tote Bags


Totes are versatile handouts that are well received by recipients of all age groups and demographics. So, if you are looking for a popular handout that will appease everyone on your list, look no further than custom totes.  Offered in a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns, totes offer something special for everyone.

 Extra Large Cotton Zip Tote with Carabiners

Wish to make custom totes as your swag for the forthcoming events? Browse our collection and choose a model that suits your needs