Sugar Cookie Day – Are You Ready With Your Promo Cookies To Satiate The Sweet Tooth Of Your Audience?

Crackling and sweet, cookies make delectable delights for everyone. Dig it into a cup of piping hot tea, eat it to settle the rumblings of your tummy or simply unpack a cookie packet to enjoy these crispy delights with your friends or during the picnic. Nobody needs a reason to eat cookies! So, celebrate the sweet cookie day of 9th July by handing out these logo imprinted cookies that are available in a range of popular flavors like Almond, Vanilla, Chocolate and many more.

Promotional Classic Shortbread Cookies

These custom cookies that go well with their favorite hot or cold beverage will retain their freshness and flavors for a long time and every time they enjoy a cookie break, they will surely remember your brand and these repeat impressions will bring in fresh leads and consistent sales for the marketers.

These business promotional products can be handed out during mass events like tradeshows, food fests and events thanks to the low sticker price of these. Custom cookies make perfect options to promote cafes, bakers, hotels and much more and these also fare well as employee gifts, birthday gifts and party or wedding favors. So, if you have been struggling to find a low cost gift that will instantly grab the attention of your customers, then do not look beyond these lip smacking delights. Everyone loves freebies and when these gifts happen to be cookies, it will be a double delight for your recipients and a fun way for the marketers to promote their products.

Here are some smart ideas for you to make use of these crunchy cookies in your marketing campaigns

16 Rectangle Shortbread Cookies in Logo Imprinted Iridescent Gift Box

Direct Mail Campaigns: Cookies make light weight promotional gifts that can be used in direct mailer campaigns. Easy to post, these make a delightful idea for communication or invitation. Just imagine the surprise your customers will have when they get a cookie packet in their mail and they will surely love to remember your brand for being so generous and fun.

Pubs and Restaurants : Promotional cookies make perfect hand outs to attract and retain your diners of your pubs and restaurants. Hand out these logo imprinted cookies to customers at the end of a meal, or use these logo products as discount vouchers or special offer tokens to lure your customers back to the restaurant.

Tradeshows: Edible items have always been popular tradeshow gift items as people will love to have these munchies as they explore the expansive tradeshows. Your logo and message will be remembered for long after the event for being unique and fun unlike the loads of gifts that they get every other day!

ProImprint has a range of cookies in different package options like wrappers and containers that have ample space to create a compelling sales message or marketing offer, which will never escape their attention! Shop today and make sure that your logo promotion turns out to be an adorable and affordable affair.

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