Spread Awareness; Sell the Best Eco-Friendly Products

Inspire your clients and employees to adopt an ecofriendly lifestyle  by selling the most trending  eco-friendly products in town. Show that you care.  Take a look at our curated selection of ecofriendly products that are here to stray forever. Try it out right away

The effects of climate change are becoming a real challenge even to the existence of life forms on earth. So being thoughtful about how we consume holds the key in making a difference. Consumers are now patronizing brands that are eco-conscious as never before.

In addition, reports show that  89% of consumers have shifted to buying sustainable products. The new generation millennnials has been the biggest follower of this amazing and sustainable consumer trend. Sustainability has indeed become the biggest factor to consider while shopping.

So, discover tons of ecofriendly product ideas that can make a lasting difference in your branding. These products leave no or little carbon imprints behind and will have minimal impact on living beings and the planet.

Made of recycled or reclaimed materials, these make zero-waste alternative to conventional products. Whether you wish to sell green themed products to promote fashion, food or ethical loungewear, we’ve got you covered.

Sustainable technology devices

In today’s robotic world, technology plays a crucial role in the lives of people. Solar powerbanks  make a perfect choice in sustainable tech giveaways . Designed to run on solar power, these tech gadgets are ecofriendly apart from being a winning business idea. Customize these with your brand and message to make your brand part of the sustainable life style of your prospects. You can also consider other Solar tech products that use renewable energy to keep gadgets running on the go .


Sustainable office accessories

From wooden pens to fabric mouse pads and wheat tumblers  and bamboo powerbanks, you will find countless models in sustainable products for office use. Inspire your employees to be sensitive to the environment by handing out these giveaways.  

Eco-friendly pet products

Pet adoption had hit an all-time high during the pandemic when everyone was forced to be at home. Pet industry is growing like never before with over $100 billion worth of pet products sold each year in the US.  From recycled plastic bottle fill to organic pet treats and biodegradable collars and leashes you will surely find something that everyone will love.

Likewise, recycled yarn toys that feature earth-friendly materials will reduce plastic waste considerably. Pets’ treats made from food  sourced from agricultural and production waste streams is another choice. It also prevents food wastage and recycles it into something useful.

Ethical apparel

The fashion industry has turned green big time . The sweeping change in the fashion industry is definitely  hard to overlook. Fashion meets sustainability in apparel industry. Apparels made from organic cotton, vegan leather and jute are some of the many options that you will find in this category. Versatile and planet-first, these clothes are indeed meant to be worn for life.  Recycled cotton garments are not just comfortable and fashionable but ecofriendly alike.

Garden gifts and the great outdoors

Offer products to help customers connect with nature and grow their own garden in balcony and indoors. It will even turn their backyards into a staycation spot. From seed-growing kits and  planters to  rain gauges,  birdhouses and more, you have indeed  a long list of  popular eco-friendly products that you can sell.  So, impress the green thumbed while supporting a sustainable cause.

Clean scented candles

Ensure a soothing aromatherapy experience with these clean soy candles that are not harmful to the atmosphere or humans. It brings the joy of a spa experience everywhere without giving out Petrol-Carbon Soot like ordinary candles.

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