Smart Tips to Use Custom Running Belts as Your Swag

Running belts, popularly known as fanny packs make excellent marketing gifts that are worth investing in! Available in a wide range of models, colors and sizes, a custom fanny pack with logo will make a smart move to get all eyes on your message. Let’s be frank about it! All your customers will be happy to get a trendy fanny pack for free that they can use wherever they go.


Apart from being a fashion accessory, running belts are also great marketing tools for influencer marketing. Incredibly popular among sports personnel, movie stars and anyone who follows an active life style, running belts are here to stray forever! Popular since the 70s and 80s, running belts never go out of the spot light, which gives another solid reason for marketers to  make fanny packs their custom promotional gifts.

Oval Fanny Packs

Mix and match

Fanny packs are versatile and easy to turn into a swag bag that aligns with your promotional theme. For instance, if you are promoting a game day, you can add a custom sweatband, a packet of wet tissues or hot and cold gel packs to make it value added.

If you wish to turn it into a swag bag for fundraisers, add face masks, sanitizers or lip balm into these to make it more useful for the attendees in the new normal world.

Marketing your beer brand or brewery? Include a custom bottle opener or can cooler inside so that when your recipients  plan a camping holiday, they will have all their essentials at easy access!

Leisure Travel Money Belts

For mass events

Fanny packs are fairly inexpensive and this low cost advantage will work in its favor during mass events like trade shows and mailer campaigns. Designed to bring together comfort and convenience, fanny packs make well retained and durable giveaways.

If you are looking for a popular gift for mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns, fanny packs will make a perfect choice. The best part is that it stays with the target market long enough to reinforce your brand reputation and drive your marketing message.

Clear Choice Fanny Packs

Features to die for!

Durable: Fanny packs are reusable and long lasting and make a popular choice among ecofriendly giveaways.

Spacious: Designed to hold everyday items, fanny packs guarantees lots of free storage space to utilize. Choose from a wide range of models and sizes to suit the specific needs of your audience.

Practical – Perfect for  people on the go, holidays and sports events or marathons, fanny packs will make a high utility gift that is never overlooked.

Basics Fanny Packs

Is Fanny pack your favorite swag? Browse our complete line of trending models to choose the best for your outdoorsy crowd this season.