Simple Office Halloween Party Ideas Worth Trying

Halloween is right here. It is yet again to think and act wicked , play pranks and above all trick or treat.

Post pandemic, hosting a Halloween office party will be a great icebreaker to welcome the employees and new hires to office or even to reach out to the remote team.

Here are some simple Halloween party gifts and ideas that can be easily tried out in any office setting

1. Host a Costume Contest

Nothing says Halloween like a costume party. Offer the liberty for  your team to dress up in the chosen Halloween theme. Your customers will indeed be delighted to see the secretary dressed up like a vampire for  the day as they greet customers , attend calls and compile data.

Halloween costumes won’t stop your team from rocking it out for the day.  It will set off some good laughs and start conversations! Happy team is a productive team indeed.  You can even set up a photo booth complete with Halloween props to make memories of the day. Hand out small gifts like light up scarves, glow bands or ghost necklaces to the employees to wind up the Halloween party.

 Decorate the Office

The right decorations can turn your work space into a whimsical setting like a haunted house or the graveyard. You can even plan something fun themed with costume theme like Casper the Friendly Ghost and pumpkins on the walls and desks.

Reports show that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies. Well, that is another solid reason for you to plan  a Halloween party in office.

Carve Pumpkins

Considering the fact that pumpkin carving is going to be a huge this year, it will be a smart idea to organize pumpkin carving contests online. If you think carving pumpkin takes time and expertise, why not paint pumpkins for the office? Your employees will have a fun way to express their creativity. All you need is a few  baby pumpkins, acrylic paints, and  pumpkin stencils. Did you know that companies that have a bit of fun have 2.5x higher revenues than others?

Time for a  Bone-Chilling Breakfast!

Come up with a ghastly menu featuring Spiderweb pancakes and other items that may look scary but taste superb. Serve Halloween must haves like pumpkin coffee cake, and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows for all your employees that will help them to go back to work with a full belly.

The shortest route to anyone’s heart is through stomach. Your employees are no different either. Employees that are offered free food are found to be very happy with their job. Halloween is the perfect time to make that happen; come up with an epicurean menu that will leave them spoiled for choice.

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