Show That You Care – Gift Ideas for Nurses Week

Nurses play a key role in every health care system by  ensuring essential patient care and support. Nurses week, which falls in May is a perfect occasion to recognize the selfless service and  contributions of nurses. It is observed from May 6th to May 12th , which also happens to be Florence Nightingale’s birthday.  Health care institutions , non profits, doctors clinics and in fact everyone working in the health care niche can participate in Nurses Week celebrations by handing out these custom giveaways.

So, stop making wild guesses on the most popular Nurses Appreciation gifts. We have listed out a few that are sure to impress every genre of nurses.


Whether a nursing student or a  practitioner, aprons are essential items for every nurse. Gifting a set of high-quality, custom aprons imprinted with your brand will definitely make their lives easier while your brand gets a lot of attention and exposure.

Self-Care Gift Boxes

Nurses work in high pressure situations that are hard to imagine for us. A self care gift box will indeed help them to relax at their free hours and to spring back to their sprightly self quickly. Some of the items that can be included in this box include eye masks, hot and cold gel, a spa coupon, essential oils and a lot more.


Insulated Tumblers

Insulated Tumblers also make thoughtful gifts for nurses to keep their beverages hot or cold as desired for their whole shift. Choose from various models and capacities to meet their needs. Top of the line brands like hydroflask will surely leave them truly impressed. You can also choose from various models like those with built in straw.



Not all tote bags may meet the needs of nurses and cater to their needs. Choose extra large grocery bags or unique models like blanket totes or insulated totes instead of ordinary totes.

UV sanitizer

If you are looking for something truly useful and unique, choose UV sanitizers that can sanitize phones, eyeglasses, keys and credit cards while charging gadgets at the same time. For nurses, hygiene and sanitation are of paramount importance. Make them feel safe by handing out these UV sanitizers to show that you care.


Being on their feet for long hours can be taxing for nurses. A gentle neck or head massage will go a long way in making them relaxed. Help the hard working nurses unwind with these massagers that feature in the best selling appreciation gift lists for nurses this year.

Lunch containers

Bento boxes enable the users to pack snacks and lunch separately thanks to its slotted design. They also offer stackable compartments. They’re microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and above all are  perfect for any meal. Choose these high utility gift items for nurses and we bet it is something that they will actually want.

20,000mAh Power Bank

Many nurses work 12-hour shifts that may make their phones run out of charge. A powerful portable charger will keep the gadgets on and ticking without having to bother about finding charging slots. Moreover, it’s convenient and portable, and easily fits into any pocket or bag.

Fun Gifts and toys

These light-hearted gifts will surely easily  bring a smile to even the most stiff upper lipped recipients. Choose from various items like stacking toys and rubik cubes to coloring books and a lot more. In addition, it will help them to take their mind off their work and to have some fun time.

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