September Is National Disaster Preparedness Month – Is Your Business Well Prepared To Face The Competition

September is observed as National Disaster Preparedness Month in the United States. Disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. From natural calamities to unforeseen external forces and more, the risk factors that can affect your life and livelihood are countless. Whether it is bird flu or hurricane, your workforce should be well prepared in an emergency. It will be a great idea to hand out appropriate custom gifts to your customers to spread awareness and to keep them well prepared for adversities.

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Make a Plan – A contingency plan that will keep your business going is an important part of getting prepared for the worst. From mock drills to health care campaigns, fire escape training and more, you can get your employees trained to tide over the worst challenges. You can even run an awareness campaign in the local community to keep them well prepared in the event of a disaster.

Be Informed – It is important to know about the predicted weather patterns, locations of local emergency shelters and evacuations routes that will help your employees to act quickly when a disaster strikes. Encourage your customers and employees to listen to media alerts to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

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Get Involved – Encourage your employees to sign up for first aid certification and life-saving courses. These skills come handy in emergencies and can save a few lives in the office and local community.

Emergency kits – If disaster strikes and your employees and patrons could be stuck on the roads for long hours. Make them well prepared for any eventuality with these emergency light and tool kits that will keep them safe on roads or at the camp sites till help arrives.

Some of the other items that can be included in a contingency kit include the following

Phone chargers: ProImprint has an impressive collection of personalized mobile chargers in a range of sleek designs and sizes, which make useful and essential accessories for all types of customers. From sleek mobile chargers to car chargers, charging docks and power banks that can charge their phones without the use of electricity there are a lot of options to consider. Customized mini auto chargers with LED indicator light will be a good promotional gift for mobile showrooms and multi media outlets among others.

Pet supplies: Pets are vulnerable to emergencies just like their human masters. Make sure your patrons have enough supplies of pet supplies for their beloved pets and your logo imprinted on these packs will be surely taken note of.

Blankets: Ensure the warmth of these logo blankets during natural disasters like rain, hurricane or bad weather and show that your business is serious about ensuring the welfare of your patrons

First aid kits: Make sure that your recipients have all the essential first aid items right at the end of their hands with these logo first aid kits.

A bit of planning and awareness can go a long way in reducing the impact of disasters. Make sure to get your employees involved to make it easy. Browse the ProImprint safety products for more gift ideas that will become handy in disasters. It will make them well prepared and will spread your message and social commitment and will give your business a virtuous profile.

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