Rules And Etiquette of Giving Holiday Gifts

Corporate holiday gifts make a great investment for any business; as it will not only reinforce the relationship with the clients but will also enhance their holiday experience. Choosing corporate gifts can be overwhelming at times. It is not just because of the responsibility of finding the right gift, but also due to the legal factors that need to be considered in corporate gift giving.

Here are some rules and etiquette that has to be considered while choosing corporate holiday gifts.

Choose acceptable gifts

Many organizations may be governed by a set of fixed rules regarding corporate gift giving. So, make sure to choose custom gifts that comply with the guidelines.

Customization makes your gifts extra special

Once you choose an appropriate gift, you can personalize it with your brand and message to make it special.  In addition, choose giveaways that may be useful rather than picking novelty items. Winter staples like beanies, insulated drinkware items to work desk items like pens, wireless speakers and earbuds, make incredible gift ideas.

Consider the preferences of the recipients

Besides, consider gifts that will complement the tastes of the recipients to further enhance the value. Thus a gift for your colleague will be more informal than that given to your boss or business associates.

Be formal

Adding a fun twist may not be the best option when it comes to corporate giveaways, It is always recommended to adopt a formal customization theme to avoid embarrassment. Corporate giveaways are the best ways  for employers to show how much they care for them.

If you wish to get something special for the most important people in your business life, these gift ideas might help.


Nothing can match the popularity of chocolate as a corporate gift. Popular across all age groups and just right for the festive season, these giveaways will surely make a safe bet  as corporate gifts. Best part is that you can choose from a wide range of options . You will even find elegantly packed gift boxes or can come up with an assortment by combining sweet treats of various flavors and tastes. Options are all yours when you choose these popular gifts that are easy to customize to make  it your own.  These budget friendly gifts will be a great option if you have  a long  list of recipients against a modest budget on hand.

Spa box

Your employees truly deserve a pampering session when they get back home after a long day at work. These custom gifts will make your recipients feel good instantly.  You can set up a custom spa kit by including scented candles, essential oils, hot and cold gel packs, cooling towels  and more.

Custom mugs

A classic gift choice, mugs are available in countless models right from the retro themed ceramic mugs to insulated tumblers and even fun models like color changing tumblers among others. Customize it with your brand and message to make a long lasting impact in the minds of your prospects. Write a nice message on the mug, or just print an image to create the right feel .

Throw blanket

Warm up your recipients to your brand by offering cozy custom blankets and your recipients will be thankful forever. Opt for a durable and warm material, and choose  your corporate colors that your employees will relate to instantly. Customize it further by printing something special on it  to impress the audience.

Need more tips? All you need to do is to reach out to our team for inspiration.