Round Hot And Cold Gel Packs – Quick Pain Relief ; Instant Brand Visibility

In a mood for a puzzle? Guess my name. I can be hot at one moment, cold the other! I am the best friend of the outdoorsy and an all-in-solution for your pains and sprains! A great item in travel bags and first aid boxes, I come in various shapes and colors.  Who am I ? You guessed it right – I am the hot and cold gel pack!

gel beads

Reusable, non-toxic and freezer and microwave safe,  hot and cold packs can  come to your aid every time pains and cramps rear its ugly head. The interesting part – though everyone needs these, most people often forget to buy one for themselves.

4 inch customized small round gel beads hot and cold packs make highly useful handouts for your customers, friends and colleagues to get over pain and discomfort. These will double duty as hot compress and icepacks to manage stiff muscles, cramps and aches. Custom hot and cold packs are ideal for any type of medical and healthcare related businesses such as chiropractor businesses, doctor’s offices, pharmaceuticals, alternative therapies, drug stores, etc.

Round shaped hot and cold gel packs are designed in a way such that these snugly stays in place while sitting or even walking.  These first aid products will easily get your message out to your audience and may even make a talking topic among your recipients. Make use of the imprint space on the PVC package to position your brand and message in style.

4 Inch Customized Small Round Gel Beads Hot and Cold Packs

Studies show that functional items that people use daily have a better promotional power than novelty items. Marketers can make these hot and cold gel packs their promotional items to show how much they care for their clients and customers. Your brand will easily make your recipients feel reassured at times of distress, which will further enhance your goodwill and brand popularity.

The best part is that custom hot and cold packs are easy to use; refrigerate it or warm it up in microwave as per the needs. It will ensure quick relief and keep your brand in front of the audience. These outdoor staples will even double up as your business cards that will keep reminding your customers about your business.

Budget friendly, incredibly popular and well retained, custom hot and cold packs make highly useful handouts that every genre of audience will find useful. So, even if you have a diverse audience that is as different as chalk and cheese, hot and cold gel will make perfect handouts to  engage your audience with your brand. Shop right away!