Put Your Brand Under Spotlight with Hand-Press Flashlights

Hand press flashlights printed with your logo and message may be what you need to put your company in the spotlight.

Compact and functional, these custom flashlights will undoubtedly get your brand into the hands of your target consumers. Available in various colors and styles, these logo flashlights offer something special for everyone.

Beautiful, functional, and handy, hand press flashlights are something everyone needs for their home, office or even travel bags. Flashlights are undeniably useful during emergencies. On an average, every home may have at least a couple of flashlight stashed away in their cabinet or emergency kit.

Why Hand-Press Flashlights

The best part is that these lights are LED and not battery-operated. It is eco-friendly and convenient to use. By pressing the side handle you can turn on these flashlights. Ideal for emergencies camping and outdoor activities, these can be used anytime. Easy to operate and travel size, these flashlights will also make a great choice for car, boat, or emergency kits.

Drive up your brand visibility

From a marketing standpoint, high utility items like flashlights are proven winners. Customize it with your message, artwork and logo to make it special and  one of its type.

Check out these sleek custom flashlights with 2 LED lights that can be charged by pressing the trigger handle. No batteries are required, which makes them eco-friendly and ideal for remote work site and camping locations. The string wrist strap will make it easy to carry.

As emergency kit items

Marketers can even put together an emergency kit for their employees and customers while promoting their brand with these flashlights. Every household, office, car and school have emergency kits. Offering an emergency kit will show that you care for the well being of your prospects and reinforce your company’s reputation. Customers will definitely appreciate the thought and in return, they will show support to your brand.

 Hand-pressing flashlights are indeed an effective promotional giveaway for your business.  Functional and value added, these giveaways will indeed go a long way in making your brand the talk of the town literally! Flashlights are reliable tools that will make your recipients feel safe and reassured.  It will also come handy during repair work and hiking or camping.

In addition, these custom giveaways are attractive, modern and bright, which will attract the attention of future customers and retain existing clients. Your logo and message imprinted on it will get a lot of attention for sure.

Raise brand awareness

These flashlights also make a great gift with purchase for all types of industries. It will even make a sponsor gift during some sport competitions and events, thanks to its high utility. No matter how you wish to use these, custom flashlights will always fit into your marketing plan.

Explore our collection of hand press flashlights to choose a model that will go well with your theme.