Proven Swag That Turn Prospects to Brand Ambassadors

Events like health runs, trade shows and awareness campaigns are all make great occasions to get people interested in your brand.

In addition, it will engage them with your message and  turn them into brand ambassadors. Here are some event handouts that you will find interesting. You can customize it with your logo and brand colors to make it pop and virtually  turn event participants into effective brand ambassadors.

Drawstring bags

Attendees will find these easy bags useful to keep their personal stuff and carry it while being hands free. Available in various models and patterns, these custom bags can be imprinted with the names of the sponsors to ensure the ultimate visibility during the events and even beyond. Events like community marathons and local sports events will make excellent events where you can use these giveaways.

For events, swag bags made from washable materials  like non-woven PP will be a great choice as these are durable and ideal as a goodie bag. But if you want something that is ecofriendly cotton and canvas bags are your best bet. It will highlight your green credentials as well.

Printed T-Shirts

No event can be complete without custom T-shirts. It is one  of the best ways to advertise an event or cause Available in various trendy models and vibrant colors, these logo items will brighten up any event.


Lanyards are probably one of the most popular handouts in event merchandise. Wearing IDs or name tags are essential for security purposes. Wearing them effectively turns attendees and participants into instant brand ambassadors. Budget friendly and practical, lanyards will remain useful even after the event to carry identity cards or keys . Every time your recipients see these logo items they will surely remember the fun times they had during the marathon!


Fashionable and popular across all age groups, caps will indeed make a great event swag in the low price bracket. Choose from various models and colors to complement your branding theme. As a business, you would love the attention your brand will get every time your participants will don these stylish accessories during picnics, road trips or other outdoor activities. Thus your  logo will make consistent impressions for a long time even after the event.

Moreover, event merchandise is a fantastic way to make a lasting impact. Browse our complete line of custom giveaways to choose items that your recipients will love. Moreover, , the lasting power of wearable custom  items will help you to advertise events at a quarter of the price of billboard ads.