Proven Summer Staples for a Sunny Brand Display

Summer season is all about outdoor fun, music concerts, alfresco dining experience, beach holidays and a lot more. As the summer festival season kicks off, it is a great time for marketers to include some popular summer swag in their promotions. It will engage their audience and make the logo part of their summer experience.

Whether you are reaching out to your prospects at Coachella, Bonnaroo or Governor’s Ball or something more, summer is indeed a unique opportunity to engage a highly receptive consumer demographic.

Here are some popular custom giveaways that are worth a serious consideration.

Tumblers to Stay hydrated

Music & art festivals in summer season can be overwhelming for the audience considering the heat and the  crowd that they may have to face.  Custom water bottles are not only planet first; but will ensure a high utility handout for your audience to carry their beverages. Moreover, your brand will get the undivided attention of people around, not just during the event but after that as well.

 Choose from a wide range of models including budget friendly, collapsible bottles with carabiner that is easy to carry and light weight alike. If you are looking for a more durable and spill resistant bottle , aluminum bike bottles will be a great choice.  Available in a wide range of metallic colors, these bottles will indeed set a perfect backdrop for your message.

Fanny packs

Be it music fans or sports fans, every genre of the outdoorsy crowd will surely be excited to get fanny packs as free gifts. Wearing a fanny pack is cool and a must – have addition to every festival outfit.

Sleek, and easily accessible, fanny packs are an ideal choice in crowded events. It is spacious enough for the everyday supplies of the users like earbuds, sunscreen, lip balm,cards, bill and keys. Also, these are available in various popular models including the stadium approved transparent models. Add your logo, message and artwork on these to make it unique and one of its type. Let your audience keep everything they  need safe by handing out custom fanny packs while promoting your brand.  Your recipients will indeed love their new found freedom that a fanny pack provides them.


Mini fans

Shoot some  breeze with mini fans that will keep your recipients cool and comfortable in the summer outdoor venues. Plus it will also put your message on a grand display. Choose form a wide range of models and colors in just about every price rate to spread the word  into a wider audience.

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