Proven Promotional Products to Increase Your  Sales

Promotional giveaways are one of the proven ways to increase brand popularity for businesses and get the audience engaged with their message. However, choosing from thousands of products in all possible price rates could be easier said than done!

Here are some popular promotional products that will never fail.  These logo items make a wise investment to  help increase your company sales.


Branded apparels imprinted with your company’s name or logo are something your prospects will be able to put into everyday use. Choose from various practical apparel choices like hoodies, T shirts, jackets and more which can all be worn in a range of settings. Every time your employees or clients wear these logo items on a daily basis they will be constantly reminded of your  brand. These stylish apparels will make great talking topics for anyone who happens to see these. Thus your message will get a wider audience beyond the targeted prospects without any repeat effort or investment.

Women’s Manhattan Softshell Jackets


Keychains are always in use and remain in plain sight of the audience. Available in a wide range of models and colors, branded keyrings will serve as a constant reminder to your customers of your brand’s existence. Fancy something a little extra? Choose multi-functional models like bottle opener Keychains, flashlight keychains and so much more. These logo items will provide the customers value added features, whilst all the while reminding them of your business.

Metal Bottle Opener Keychains

Flash drives

A highly useful accessory in the digital world USB drives custom branded with your message will make an impressive handout. Apart from helping your prospects to save and transport data safely, these accessories will remain as excellent brand reminders for your business. Choose from various models including bamboo, leather and metal models to match your promotional theme and budget. Choose high quality USB flash drives that are designed to last long  to ensure consistent brand impressions.

128mb USB 2.0 Leather Flash Drive

Writing instruments

Custom writing instruments like pens and pencils will go a long way in increasing your company’s exposure and creating new leads. High utility handouts like pens make welcome gifts for just about anyone! By getting your logo and message imprinted on these, your brand will get an incredible exposure – on a daily basis. No matter whether you are planning to give custom pens to your regular clients or as trade show swag, your business message will grab the attention of people around. Available in a wide range of models like stylus pens, metal pens, plastic pens and more, pens will come handy at home, office or on the move.

Imprinted Ensley Pens

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