Proven Fundraising Tips For Non Profits – A Comprehensive Guide

Reports show that charity and fund raising is showing an upward trend. It increased by 8.9% in 2021 against 2020.  So, if you are a nonprofit organization that wishes to increase donor support and raise more funds, these tips will be of help to you. Here is a complete guide on how to make your fund raising successful.

Have a plan in place

Set a proper plan and a  timeline to keep your fund raising programs running.  Generating excitement is the key to get people engaged with your cause and get more funding. Setting up a target will help you reach your goals easily.

Your goal  may be the amount you are trying to raise while the plan is to share your objective of the funding.  Adopt a story telling approach to communicate where the funding will go. Send a list of the breakup of the funds to people who have donated to your annual fund in the past. If you are planning a new program, explain how the funds will be utilized for the beneficiaries. It will engage new audience groups and instill confidence in their mind.

The timeline

Setting up a timeline will convince donors to donate now and create a sense of urgency in their minds. Spread the word through email, social media or snail mail to get your message across far and wide.

Simplify the process of donations

Often the challenge of getting more donations is not about finding the donors but those who can take the time to donate. As most people rely on online transactions and may not carry cash or check with them always,  it is recommended to add an app for smartphones. It will make sense considering the fact that 85% of people have smartphones and 90% access the internet with a mobile device.

Make your website responsive

Further, optimize your website for quick functioning . It will indeed make it easy for the donors to access your website to know more about the services and make a donation.

Donation page should be easy to locate

When potential donors arrive at your site with the intention of supporting a cause,  they should be able to do it easily. Add a “Donate Now” button in the header and footer of your site so visitors can easily find it without having to explore the whole site. Most visitors will be in a hurry and  may not be in a position to spend a lot of time exploring your site to find out where to make donations. Make it easy for them.

Add a repeat option

In addition, most donors make donations on a recurring basis. So, it will useful to add an option for monthly, quarterly or yearly donations to make it easy for the donors, while making  your fundraising more consistent.

Use QR codes

Make it easy for your donors to get to your donation page easily by adding a QR code. It will direct them to your site quickly without them searching for your website on the browser. Also, share your donation page in social media without making it overwhelming. It will help you to reach out to your existing and new donors alike. You can also link  your donation page at the end of every email or include QR code in your newsletters or on your custom gifts for donors.

Sell fundraising merchandise

Apart from raising donations, you can also sell custom merchandise to make money . Reports show that 8 in 10 consumers  like getting promotional products.  Thus, incorporating giveaways will make a great way to spread awareness of your organization and make word of mouth publicity. Choose popular merchandise like cookies, T shirts, scarves and a lot more. Likewise, a single custom  T-shirt generates more than 3,400 impressions! So, just imagine how popular your fund raising event is likely to be when you include promotional swag. Add your fund raising message and artwork and you are all set to make inroads to a wider audience.

No matter what you choose to sell, custom giveaways can help you raise brand awareness—and funds! In fact, even if you hold fundraising events only once in a year, selling merchandise can help extend an event’s reach for a long time.

Consider this. If you’re hosting a golf outing where you plan to sell custom T shirts, people can use it not just at your event but many other outdoor summer events to come. Each time, they’ll remember your organization. It can also be customized as thank-you gifts for your volunteers, which will make them stand out at an event.

Create an online store

People enjoy showing their social commitment. Hence, offer a variety of custom products like totes, tumblers and T shirts that people can buy to show their support to your cause.

Set up a pop-up stand at community events

Participating in a community event is indeed a great way to get your brand seen by a broader audience. Set up a pop-up stand to make people aware of your cause. You can even add a fun twist to your outdoor event by selling beach balls or frisbees to get your message across to a family audience. Bracelets make excellent gifts with each purchase thanks to its low cost advantage. It is trendy and visible as well, which will get people talk and think about your organization more often.


Increase employee engagement in the cause by offering volunteering opportunity.

Sponsor events

Sponsoring events is another proven way to attract new prospects to your cause. In addition, people are more likely to trust a business that gives back to the community.

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