Proven Festival Themed Promotional Ideas That Work  

Whether it is spring break, Easter or something more, April is the right time to plan a festive themed promotional event for marketers and bring people together through it.

This marketing strategy will attract all types of customers to your brand. Taking advantage of the festive season to gain brand recognition is the best way to tip the scales of your conversions. Festival Promotion will offer a lot of creative ideas for marketers to bring out the right feel and mood.

Store displays

First things first! Deck up the stores with spring colors, confetti, Easter bunnies and more to pack a punch to your themed promotions. It will definitely be a delightful way to celebrate the spring events. A tasteful decoration will be a key to bring in more people through your doors and enhance their festival shopping experience while you generate leads.

Choicest gifts

In addition, free custom promotional gifts are the best traffic stoppers for any event. So, make sure that your gift list features some of the crowd favorites in custom gifts that will enhance the impact of the spring promotions.

Choose free gifts that go well with the theme

For instance, food and candy gifts will be a perfect choice for Easter themed events whereas spring promotional marketers can invest in trendy handouts like bandanas, sunglasses or T shirts among others. Having gifts with purchase will make customers feel special. They will even be more willing to return to  your brand as they appreciate your special gesture.

How Can You Improve Your Festival Promotion?
Attract new customers

Also festival promotions are quite effective in attracting new customers. So, invest in custom giveaways to reach out and impress first time shoppers. In addition, a free gift will make your promotions more appealing to customers that may even set off word of mouth publicity.

Customer retention

In addition, retaining existing customers is as important as making new leads. So, announce referral gifts for customers that refer their friends to your brand. Apart from making them feel special you get repeat sales. Win-win.  Organize raffles, online fun contests and more for your customers with a chance to win fabulous prizes. It is indeed a subtle way to reinforce the relations with your clientele without the nagging marketing pitch.

Will festival promotions make the much desired difference for your brand?  If yes, start right away by exploring our complete line of custom giveaways that will add a long lasting effect in the minds of your audience.